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U-KISS (유키스) is a South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. Their name is an acronym, standing for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star. They are under NH Media (South Korea) and Avex Trax (Japan).

Korean Name: 유키스
Japanese Name : ユーキス


  • Soo Hyun (Leader, Lead Vocals)
  • Eli (Rapper, Sub Vocals)
  • Ki Sub (Sub Vocals)
  • Kevin (Main Vocals)
  • Hoon (Sub Vocals)
  • Jun (Rapper, Sub Vocals)

Former Members

  • Alexander (Rapper, Sub Vocals)
  • Ki Bum (Sub Vocals)
  • Dongho (Rapper, Sub Vocals)
  • AJ (Rapper)

Sub Units

  • uBEAT



Birth Name: Shin Soo Hyun
Stage Name: Soohyun
Birthday: March 11, 1989
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood Type: A
Instruments: Piano
Twitter: @ukissSH
-He was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
-He is a former trainee under Good Entertainment and JYP Entertainment
-He used to be a soccer player


Birth Name: Lee Ki Seop
Stage Name: Kiseop
Birthday: January 17, 1991
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: A
Instruments: Piano
Twitter: @KiSSeop91
-He joined the group officially in 2009 for their promotions for "Man Man Ha Ni"
-He was rejected by many Entertainment agencies before being a member of U-KISS and tried to commit suicide but his mother helped him get out of that suicidal state and he was then accepted as a member of U-KISS

Ellison Kim

Korean Name: Kim Kyung Jae
English Name: Ellison Kim
Stage Name: Eli
Birthday: March 13, 1991
Position: Main Rapper
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @u_kisseli
Twitter: @u_kisseli
-He was born in Washington, D.C, United States but was raised in Virginia, United States
-He is one of the 4 members of U-KISS that speak English Eli, AJ, Kevin, and former member Alexander
-He can speak Mandarin
--He is a member of U-KISS's sub-unit uBEAT with member AJ


Birth Name: Kim Jae Seop
Stage Name: AJ
Birthday: June 4, 1991
Position: Rapper
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Instagram: @amadeus91jsking
Twitter: @JaeseopKim91AJ
-He is one of the 4 members of U-KISS that speak English Eli, AJ, Kevin, and former member Alexander
-He joined the band when Alexander and Kibum departed, his first song with the band was "0330"
-He is a member of U-KISS's sub-unit uBEAT with member Eli
-He is currently on hiatus


Birth Name: Yeo Hoon Min
Stage Name: Hoon
Birthday: August 16, 1991
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Twitter: @HooN91y
-He was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
-He joined the band when Alexander and Kibum departed, his first song with the band was "0330"

Kevin Woo

Korean Name: Woo Sung Hyun
English Name: Kevin Woo
Stage Name: Kevin
Birthday: November 25, 1991
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 180 cm
Blood Type: O
Instruments: Guitar and Piano
Instagram: @kevin_woo1125
Twitter: @Kevinwoo91
-He was born in San Francisco, California, United States
-He is a former member of XING
-He is one of the 4 members of U-KISS that speak English Eli, AJ, Kevin, and former member Alexander


Stage Name: Jun
Real Name: Lee Jun Young
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: January 22, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: O

Xander (former member)

Birth Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio
Stage Name: Xander
Birthday: July 29, 1988
Position: Rapper
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Instagram: @xander0729
Twitter: @alexander_0729
-He was born in Macau
-He can speak 7 different languages Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese
-He is one of the 4 members of U-KISS that speak English Eli, AJ, Kevin, and former member Alexander

Kibum (former member)

Birth Name: Kim Ki Bum
Stage Name: Kibum
Birthday: December 29, 1990
Position: Vocalist
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Twitter: @90KKB
-His brother is SS501's Kim Hyung Jun

Dongho (former member)

Birth Name: Shin Dong Ho
Stage Name: Dongho
Birthday: June 29, 1994
Position: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae, Face of The Group
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @Dongho94
-He was born in China
-His dad owns a magazine company

U-KISS albums

U-KISS songs

  • ぼくだけのヒーロー

    ちょっとたくらんで イタズラしてみたら いつもと同じように おみとおしで いじけたふりして プンって横向いても あたたかい やさしい顔 つつみ込まれる
  • Flying Around The World

    Yeah!! You never know until you try it Frying around the world Don’t give up Frying around the world Just Do It!!
  • PaNiC!

    One, Two, Three Rock U! Hey退屈な夜を抜け脱走 絶対に Make you excited マチガイない 不揃いなビルの迷路で イイコトばかりFun, Funky party!
  • It’s Been A Long Time (오랜만이야)

    Without U I’m so lost I need you back can we be together again? (Oh Oh Oh Oh ye) (Oh Oh Oh Oh ye) (Oh Oh Oh Oh ye) (Oh Oh Oh Oh ye) It’s been a long time I
  • When Love Stops (사랑이 멈출때)

    When the wide ocean dries upWhen the sun loses its lightMaybe that’s when this love will stop When the first snow falls for the thousandth timeWhen the stars
  • Baby Don’t Cry

    So baby don’t cry so baby don’t crySo baby don’t cry baby don’t cryBaby don’t cry baby don’t cry Will you tell me everything without leaving anything
  • Because I Love You (사랑하니까)

    When you said I won’t be able to see you again I could have never imagined I can’t live without you Are you okay without me? It’s not over * Our memories
  • Bad (나쁘다)

    Bad, I’m bad Your tangled hair, your blue eyes Your white painted face with a smile Will I be able to embrace you with my black scar? Will I be able to leave
  • Can’t Even Breathe (숨도 못 쉬어)

    You shake up my heart The more you do that, the more my heart crumbles Why are you doing this? Girl I’m in love yeah * I can’t even breathe because of you Why
  • Tell Me Y

    I love you- I don’t love youI love you- I miss you * Tell me Y Tell me Y my baby (don’t go baby girl)Y baby baby baby (please come back to me) Don’t step back-
  • One (하나)

    I don’t feel good either after leaving like that Since when did we break apart? Actually, I don’t even remember why we fought now But I’m exhausted at this
  • DORADORA (돌아돌아)

    What’s up with your appearance – I can’t even open my eyes and look at youDoes that make sense to you? It’s so unbelievable, I can’t even listen to this 
  • 4U (For You)

    Every day, I only think of you I’m going crazy, I can’t sleep at nightWhen I’m with you, I’m happy so baby let’s go * You Are the only oneI will love
  • Want You Back (돌아와줘)

    (Yeah she aint Coming back Come back to me) Time keeps ticking I keep thinking of you Be with you Be with you Listen girl I spend my days with unbearable pain Listen
  • Can’t Live Without You (너 없이는 안돼)

    I can’t fall asleep at thoughts of you I keep seeing you when I close my eyes You appear when I’m walking on the street It feels like you’ll wait for me I
  • Take Me Away

    I silently cried-Everything I had reached the end of the cliff- It was dangerous In a world that is raining,I walked without an umbrellaJust following your eyes,
  • Lifetime (평생) (For KISS Me)

    Yeah I love you girl we’ll be together forever just you and me yeah lets goThought I can forget you simple equationParting was so hard cause you are my only passionDon’t
  • It Must Be Fate (인연인가 봐)

    Special Light It’s so Special Night It must be fate oh oh, it must be fate oh oh Reminiscence, the day when we first met I think I met my love that I only read
  • Should Have Treated You Better (있을 때 잘 해 줄껄)

    Why, why, why (exactly why) Why, why, why (did you leave me) * Is it over? I know we broke up but Is it really over? Can’t I ever see you again? Is it over? I
  • She’s Mine (내 여자야)

    Her a.k.a. is stealer, she steals guys’ hearts and pulls the strings like a pilot She’s born with a body so she doesn’t need a diet Because of that, guys
  • Who Said (누가 그래)

    Hey who was it who told you those stupid things The first time I wake up in the morning And you ain’t here next to me I’m not as easy as you think Did I look
  • Let’s Get

    Ha ha listen up ya all ready hm we are back Yeah this is how we do it 2012 here we go Tell them how it all goes down Look at ya hey pretty girl You’re so dazzling
  • ON THE Floor

    The start is clean and neat- I’m definite about my styleWhen it bursts, no one can stop it- the light shines on me Girl, Step In , Step In to my worldTurn me loose
  • Creak (삐걱삐걱)

    (I Cry) How many days have passed? Meaningless time ticks away My heart still can’t make sense of it I don’t think we changed But for some reason, I’m getting
  • Love Of A Friend (친구의 사랑)

    My eyes have gone blind, time has stoppedI got to know you, who is so eye-blindingI can’t hide it, I can’t help myselfI love you, I want youI know I can’t
  • Neverland

    If you follow me, you’ll know- I promiseI’ll show you a fantasy-like fairy tale (Come here girl)Every single day, your tomorrows will be like todayMoney Love
  • Believe

    Hey ladies and gentlemen Want you to listen Wanna know what it is Hear this yeah It’s our belief Don’t think that the start and end goes around in circles Then
  • Te Amo

    Amor love tonight Amor love tonight You’re so selfish, you’re the enemy of all girls Te amo, Te amo, Te amo You’re so striking, all the men are my enemies
  • Just A Moment (잠깐만)

    Hey just a moment, stop right there If you go like that, what will I become? Hey just a moment, stop right there If you go like that, I really will never see you
  • Love Is Painful (아픔보다 아픈)

    I have something that I want to do now Small plans to meet people have gotten more frequent So a day doesn’t feel so slow like before anymore I dress up neatly
  • Tick Tock (Kor. Version)

    Tonight We Gonna Party Tonight We Gonna Party My first and last loveMy heart towards you will never changeOur own love is so beautiful to meTime flows so let the
  • Come Back To Me (다시 내게로 와줘)

    It’s been a month since I let you go I can’t do anything Because I only looked at you alone Tears fall like rain drops Please, please don’t leave me Day by
  • Snowman (눈사람)

    Seeing you walk side by side with someone that’s not meReally makes my heart go crazyOnly you, only you are filling me up, waking me up If I can find you among

    Don’t be exhausted, not alone Don’t easy to get my name?
  • Let’s Meet Again (다시 만나요)

    We will meet again- let’s cry thenLet’s wait a little more and let’s smile thenPlease hold back even one drop of tearIf you cry, it’ll be goodbye forever *
  • Quit Playing / Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)

    Your short skirt keeps bothering me Your bright red lipstick on your thick lips Your magical eye smile can’t be hidden Everything keeps making me nervous Men
  • Someday

    Sometimes hit, sometimes miss, that’s just how it isJust don’t get it wrong tomorrowIt’s just a mistakeSometimes down, sometimes up, sometimes number oneEven
  • Obsession

    Yeah love which is ineffableI really wanna talk to you right nowThis is my obsession What planet are you from?Your values are so different, it’s not the sameSo
  • Playground (놀이터)

    On nights I was endlessly worrying You’re the one who held onto me On hard days I broke down in exhaustion You’re the one who picked me up It’s melting down It’s
  • Turn Off The Light (불꺼)

    Hey baby girl, listen to what I’m saying I was only looking at you since a while ago You felt it too, my eyes on you I don’t want to let you go like this
  • April Story (4월 이야기)

    Any coincidence is good if I can get to see youI’m walking on the road that we first metNow you have grown fadedAnd I’m still waiting for you Any fate is good-

    Even if you come after me, even if you pass me, I don’t careEven if someone finds fault in me, even if they cut me down- I won’t even blink And everybody say
  • Cinderella

    Romanized Girl i want you to be my cinderella Wae neon ireoke taoreuneun nal wae molla I want your love i want your love (yeah x4) Amuri tto dallyeodo gyeolgugen
  • Stop Girl

    Romanized (with individual parts) Yeah (x7) [Hoon] Oh, soljikhi malhalge yeogikkajiga Jeongmal majimagi anya no more, i’m so tired [Kiseop] Oh, jogeum gidarilge
  • Time To Go

    Romanized Nega tteonago nan manhi apado chamasseo nan Kkeuchira injeonghal su eobseo Nae gyeote modeun geol neoreul hyanghae da matchwosseo Ibyeoreul gamdanghal
  • Sexy Baby

    Romanized Gwagamhago dodohage neomunado kkachilhage Gyesok nareul michige sumdo mot swige nae mam heundeureo neo Nuguboda seksihage neomunado budeureopge Nae mameul
  • Gangsta Boy

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Kiseop] Hey geogi eodigani ippeuni neo iriwa girl Jalsaenggin oppaya [Eli] ba-ba-ba baby girl [Kiseop] B.C.D pillyoeobseo arado
  • Alone

    Romanized Does it get to see the shape of your fortune right Doko de kake chigaeta nodarou ima to nareba wakaranai Samayou you ni Step out Mou atomodori wa dekinai Kimi
  • Standing Still

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Soohyun] Cause i’m on fire neon ajik geu jarie I’m burning down nal jikyeo barabone [Hoon] Naman mollatdeon janhokhaetdeon
  • Can’t Breathe

    Romanized Neon nae mameul heundeureo Geureolsurok nae mameun deo mundeureojyeoganeun geol Ani neo wae girl i’m love yeah Neo ttaeme sumdo mot swieo Wae jakku nareul
  • Missing You

    Romanized Babogateun naui sarangeul geudaeneun moreujyo Ireokena apahaneun nae mam moreugetjyo Amu maldo neoneun eopgo honjain nan tto jigyeopgo Harujongil ne saenggage
  • Bad Person

    Romanized Nappeuda naega nappeuda Heuteureojin meori neoui paran nundongja Saehayake chilhaejin neoui miso ttin eolgul Saekaman nae sangcheoro neol aneul su isseulkka Heuneukkimyeo
  • More Painful Than Pain

    Romanized Hagopeun iri saenggyeosseo Sosohan yaksokdo neureoseo Jeoncheoreom haruga ijen deodiji anha Malkkeumhi charyeo ipgoseon Geoul ap meosseukhan nal bomyeo Gakkeumeun
  • My Reason

    Romanized Cheoeum bon sungan banhaebeoryeotjyo Neomu areumdawotjyo Geudaeege puk ppajyeobeoryeotjyo Cheoeum neukkyeotjyo Sarangiran geol jakku seolleineun geol Ireon
  • Party All The Time

    Romanized Wah uh uh oh x4 Urin oneul eotteokhaji Eojeneun neomuna gwahaetji Nun tteugo nan huui sokpuri Geuraedo yeojeonhi meorin bingbing dolji (banjjak banjjak
  • Sweety Girl

    Romanized Hey you eojjeom naemame ssok Deureoongeolkka (my love oh oh) Sareureu noga nae gaseumi eotteohhae Neoman bomyeon michigesseo Love love love bolsurok Jeomjeom
  • Cause I Love You

    Romanized Neol bol su eopdan geu yaegi Naegeneun sangsangdo hal su eopdeon Nan nega eobsineun sal su eobtjanha Neon na eobsi gwaenchannni it’s not over Neowa nanwotdeon
  • Mysterious Lady

    Romanized Mysterious lady, so mysterious lady Ha, jinjja moreugesseo so complicated Mysterious lady, so mysterious lady Museun suhakgyeongsidaehoe munje puneun geotboda
  • She’s Mine

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Eli] Geunyeoui A.K.A.Neun stealer namja mameul humchyeo jojonghaneun pilot Tagonan mommaeraseo ttaro pillyo eomneun diet Deokbune
  • Lights Out

    Romanized Hey baby girl jamkkan nae mal jom deureobwabwa Akkabuteo meonghani neoman barabwatjanha Neodo neukkyeotjanha naui tteugeoun siseoneul Idaero neol bonaegien
  • Hey Man

    Romanized Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Nuga mworaedo neoneun nae geot oneul ppalli geu
  • Just A Moment

    Romanized Ya jamkkanman neo geogi seobwa Ireoke gabeorimyeon hollo nameun naega mwoga dwae Ya jamkkanman neo geogi seobwa Idaero gabeorimyeon na jeongmallo dasin
  • Quit Playing

    Romanized (with individual parts) [Kevin] Nae nune jakku geoseullyeo jjarbajineun chima Jiteojin ipsul wi saeppalgan ripseutik [Kiseop] Gamchul suga eomneun neoui
  • One

    Romanized Ireogo naon nae maeumdo pyeonchi anha Eonjebuteo gallajin geolkka uri dul sai Sasil ije gieokdo anna wae ssaun geonji Maeil gateun banboge nan jakku jichyeoga Hana
  • Come Back To Me

    Romanized Neoreul bonaen ji han dari jinasseo Amugeotdo nan hal su eobseo Neo hanaman barabon nayeosseotgie Nunmuri bitmulcheoreom heulleo Jebal jebal neon nareul
  • Can’t Live Without You

    Romanized Ne saenggage jam mot deundan mariya Nun gameumyeon jakku nega boijanha Gireul geotda bomyeon nega nawa Gidaryeojul geotman gateunde Jeo meolli nega boyeo Sesangeul
  • Smart Love

    Romanized Uri mannan ji samsip bun jjae Sigeun keopi ttaemunilkka Sseupsseulhan naui pyojeong geu iyuneun Jageun hyudaejeonhwa sok Geu ane ssok ppajyeoseo eum Naegen
  • Playground

    Romanized Sueobsi manhi gominhaetdeon bam Butjaba jun saram neoinde Himdeulgo jichyeo sseureojyeotdeon nal Ireukyeojun saram neoinde Eoneusae noga naerinda Inae