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Urbangarde (アーバンギャルド) is a Japanese electronic trauma techno pop band from Tokyo, Japan signed to the Universal J label. The formation is based in Tokyo and is currently composed of Hamasaki Yoko alias Yokotan (vocals), Matsunaga Temma alias Tenma (vocals), Zeze Shin alias Shinsama (guitar), the drummer Kagiyama Kyoichi alias Kyouchan left the band and they are now looking for a new drummer. Yachimura Kei alias Yashi (keyboard) was also part of the band in its earlier stages.


  • Hamasaki Yoko (Vocal & Sequence)
  • Matsunaga Tenma (Vocal)
  • Zeze Shin (Guitar & Sequence)
  • Okubo Kei (Keyboard & Sequence)

Urbangarde albums

Urbangarde songs

  • 天使にしやがれ

    天使にしやがれ 今夜だけ あなたの天使にしやがれ See you girl しやがれ 一人だけ あなただけの天使にしやがれ
  • あくまで悪魔

    あくまでも悪魔です あなたの前じゃ女の子 演じても悪魔です 恋することが何よりの証拠です 人間は恋するなんて悪いこと できないの 知らないの あなたに教えてあげる