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Verbal Jint (버벌 진트) is an influential South Korean rapper and record producer under Brand New Music.

Stage Name: Verbal Jint (버벌진트)
Real Name: Kim Jin Tae (김진태)
Birthdate: December 19, 1980
Height: 177cm
Weight: 75kg
Education: Hanyang University School of Law

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  • OGinmydream

    Just woke up From a crazy dream Last night I met an OG in my dream 그의 얼굴을 기억하진 못하지만 내게는 매우 중요한 몇 가지의 주제에 대해
  • 그것이알고싶다 (Feat. Car, the garden)

    I wanna know 이 고통은 언제까질지 Wanna know 시간이 가면 달라질지 Wanna know 그게 알고 싶어 Wanna know I want to know
  • Just Another Rapper (반도의흔한래퍼)

    Brand New OVC Seoul City Who’s stronger? Who’s faster? My interests are a bit different Who has more money? I’m really a little different Who can get girls
  • Naughty Hands (나쁜 손)

    When you softly put your hand on my shoulder I was so surprised (You you you) What do you think you’re doing, slyly touching This isn’t the first time (You’re
  • Classic

    In front of the Kangnam Bridge, waiting for the traffic lightI see some fans out the window and wave helloWhen I suddenly received some inspirationI take out my
  • Doin’ It (싫대)

    She said, “Oppa, I hate that you’re so busy” Even when we do meet and rest My mind is still on work and music half the time She said it’s annoying She said
  • M.I.L.E (Make It Look Easy) Show Me The Money 4

    what’up Show Me The Money 4, 1st competition track Yeah Microdot, sorry it’s Black Nut uh! Yeah Reboot! uh! I told my mom, when I come back to this house I’m
  • My Type 2

    You like it specific? Should I put down my guard and talk? You like it specific? If I start being detailed, you might get shocked I like it specific It’s okay
  • Depressing Letter (우울한 편지)

    I don’t know if it was on purpose or if I forgotI put it deep inside my bag andJust when we were about to break upI took out that letter that you wrote for me I
  • Just Bring Your Body / Come As You Are (몸만와)

    Hey girl I don’t care what people think Come as you are Just bring your body, that’s all I need, I don’t need anything else Just bring your body because I
  • Sweet (Brand New Mix) 달아요

    Oh you & I, oh you & I Why, why do I like you so much? I can see the sunlight in your eyes Everyday oh everyday I’ll make you smile, although I’m not
  • Into The Storm (폭풍속으로)

    Into the storm, hey (into the storm) I call out to you in my dreams, I call out your name When I escape from the violently blowing storm and fly It’s a miracle
  • If It Ain’t Love (이게 사랑이 아니면)

    Please don’t misunderstand I’m not just saying this Because of the atmosphere These days, because of thoughts of you I couldn’t sleep for several nights Pretty
  • Pretty Enough (충분히 예뻐)

    Girl, you know you deserve better * You’re pretty enough You’re too beautiful to be getting hurt and crying because of that kind of guy Lift up your head, what
  • Luv Songz

    You were and will only be But I think they’re pathetic
  • Rainstorm

    You are not ready for this Brian, drop it And the night’s turning gray And the storms growing inside Cuz I have to spend another the day Without you in my life Tell
  • Energy (원기옥)

    Yeah, do you see me fallin? Another day I wake up at the same time as I did yesterday I go to a cafe nearby The cup of coffee, even the worker’s greeting is the
  • You Offended Me (넌 내게 모욕감을 줬어)

    You offended a guy like meEven if I blame myself, it’s too late Wow, anyway thanks for telling meWhen you called me a couple of days ago, drunkThis was what you
  • My Zone

    I barely go past 170cm I’m not even 60kg, I’m an anchovy I’m ugly and I’m a pussy So instead of Show Me The Money I fit in better at Unpretty Success stories
  • If It Ain’t Love

    Romanized [Intro] Ohaehaji malgil barae Bunwigie chwihae Geunyang haneun mari aniya Yojeum nan ne saenggage Beolsseo myeochiljjae Bamjameul seolchine [Verse 1] Pretty
  • Good Start

    Romanized [Chorus] Sijagi joha Joyonghan badatgae hollo wa Saehae somangdo bireosseo Handongan nal goerophideon jidokhan gamgido da naasseo Neukkimi joha… Neukkimi
  • Closer And Closer

    Romanized When i’m with you The time stands still But my heart beats faster I don’t know what this is I just wanna get closer, closer to you Hey boy, gibuni