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Wassup (와썹, WA$$UP) are an seven-member South Korean girl group formed under Sony Music and Mafia Records.


Birth Name: Park Jin Joo
Stage Name: Jinju
Birthday: April 28, 1990
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Height: 160 cm
Languages: English, Korean.
Instagram: @pearl_wassup


Birth Name: Kim Na Ri
Stage Name: Nari
Birthday: October 5, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Height: 165 cm
Instagram: @kimnaris
Twitter: @vosejrha06


Birth Name: Yoon Ye Jin
Stage Name: Nada
Birthday: May 24, 1991
Position: Main Rapper
Height: 161 cm
Instagram: @nada282524


Birth Name: Song Da In
Stage Name: Dain
Birthday: June 25, 1990
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer
Height: 168 cm
Instagram: @dainssong


Birth Name: Kim Woo Joo
Stage Name: Woojoo
Birthday: August 12, 1996
Position: Vocalist and Maknae
Height: 165 cm
Instagram: @wooju0812


Birth Name: Bang Su Jin
Stage Name: Sujin
Birthday: June 26, 1996
Position: Vocalist
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: @bbang_su


Birth Name: Kim Ji Ae
Stage Name: Jiae
Birthday: October 31, 1995
Position: Vocalist
Height: 168 cm
Instagram: @jiae1031