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Sex: Male
Real name: Zhao Jingxu / 赵景旭
Birthday: 1991.01.17
Constellation: Capricorn
School: Mudanjiang Normal College Music and Dance School
Place of residence: Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province
Current residence: Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province
Main style: Chinese wind, wind, wind and other Western Regions
Height: 182cm
Body weight: 85 kg
Personality: open during the day and night melancholy; sunny pessimistic, cloudy optimism.
Interests: singing, writing songs, eating, travel, reading
Hobbies: composer, lyricist, arranger, musical instruments, singing, post, posters, mv single-handedly
Expertise: writing songs, singing, eating
Most want to go: Jiangsu and Zhejiang Water, Lijiang, Yunnan, boarding Tibet, Xinjiang cuisine
Favorite color: black, white, gray
Like animals: cats, dogs, peacocks, snakes, spiders
Favorite singers: JJ, Jacky Cheung, Guangliang, Mariah Carey
Ready to enter the music: Tango, blues, latin
Favorite movie types: tear, sensational, funny, literary, crazy
Unforgettable thing: February 2012 Jiangnan party
Ideal: Get a platinum album
Dream: immortality, through time and space
The most moving experience: Love to help me in YY birthday
Mantra: Piu ~, meow ~, touch the head