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Yang Hee-eun (양희은) is a South Korean singer and songwriter. Her syndicated radio show Women Era airs via the MBC Standard FM since 1999.

Born: August 13, 1952, Seoul, South Korea
Occupation(s): Singer, songwriter
Years active: 1971-

Family : sister (Actress) Yang Hee-kyung
Education : Seogang University (BA in History)

Singer Yang Hee-eun is originally from Seoul, having graduated from Seoul Jae-dong Elementary School, Gyeonggi Girls Junior High School, Gyeonggi Girls High School, and eventually Seogang University with a BA in History. She debuted when she was a freshman in college in 1971.
Her most representative song to date would have to be "Morning Dew". Though the song lyrics writer Kim Min-gi claims to have had no intent of putting in political innuendos, the song matched the democratic political landscape of that time, and thus was often sung at many pro-democratic movements.In fact, many of Yang's songs were banned from mainstream airplay because of the politically-sensitive content.

Truly a veteran singer, boasting a career surpassing the 40-year mark, Yang is now a regular face on some popular variety shows, including or .