Yuuko Suzuhana

Profile/ Information

Suzuhana Yuuko (鈴華ゆう子) is the vocalist of Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド), pianist for Hanafugetsu (華風月), and teaches shigin. She was also a part of the classical pops unit Asty, Yuukaru.

Name: Suzuhana Yuuko (鈴華ゆう子)
Stage Names: Suzuhana Yuuko (鈴華ゆう子), Yuukorin (ゆうこりん), Seika (晟華)
Birthday: June 7
Birthplace: Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Education: Tokyo College of Music (piano major)
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite Color: White, Pink
Favourite Artists: TVXQ, Nakashima Mika

  • Wagakki Band (2012-)
  • Hanafugetsu
  • Yuukaru
  • Asty


  • [2012.04.11] Yuukorin no Moe Shigin (WORKS) (Yuukorin)
  • [2012.04.25] Yuukorin no Moe Shigin (LOVE) (Yuukorin)
  • [2012.05.02] Yuukorin no Moe Shigin (LIFE) (Yuukorin)
  • [2016.11.23] CRADLE OF ETERNITY