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Zaq is a female Japanese singer-songwriter signed to Lantis. Before debuting as a singer, she composed songs for other artists that were used as theme/character songs for various anime series.

Name: ZAQ
Birthday: March 16, 1988 (age 28)
Birthplace: Kagoshima, Japan
Zodiac: Pisces Pisces
Blood Type: A

Zaq began to learn the piano at age three. During her college years, her idol was Minori Chihara, and it was during this time she decided to become a singer. However, she failed all her auditions. In junior high school, Zaq's favorite bands were Mongol800 and Going Steady, two rock groups which she was addicted to. She is self-taught in composing and her works were characterized by a unique style which is unrestricted by music theory and musicology.


ZAQ songs

  • BEAUTIFUL≒SENTENCE (Zero Answer Question)

    You can choose your destination. It decides the fate of this world. 目に見えている世界がもしも嘘だとしても 壊させないさ、偽りの優しい現実を
  • Last Proof

    鏡に問うた「あの太陽は誰のものだい?」 屈折した光 僕を指差す ただ笑っているだけの愚か者には譲らない 偽物の空に 最後の鐘を鳴らしていく
  • Find the wind

    留まろうとした 愛を捨ててしまえば 傷付く人もいない 傷付けることもない 想いが暮れなずんで
  • Serendipity

    あなたはすぐにあなたを「ただのモノだ」と蔑む わたしはそんなあなたを 抱きしめるつもりさ 偶然 世界が 形を変えたとしても あなたがいれば なんにでもなれる気がした
  • Night Viewing

    I don’t know where to go all night I don’t know what to feel all night I don’t know how to cry all night I don’t know why, why…. わすれてしまおう 昨日までのビュー いまここにすべて置いてこう 疲れたら描こう 未来へのビジョン 朝が落ちてきたらでいい