Day By Day 2012 lyrics

As One

Day By Day 2012

I understand true love
You gotta take your time with it
You gotta let it grow
Day By Day

The day I first got to know you, who carefully approached me
Instead of joy, I spent many nights with deep sighs
It might take a while, will you understand me?
I’m still not ready to accept someone else

Girl, take your time, take one step per day
I know well that your past scars haven’t healed yet
I know the meaning behind it when you ask me to wait
I’m just staying still right now, I’ll stand not too close but not too far either
If you’re suffering and need a place to lean on
Then come to me anytime, I am right here
I hope you know this
This is the size of my heart for you

* I will show you little by little each day
Tomorrow, we will become a bit closer
My current state isn’t enough to love you
So that I can give you all of my heart
Will you wait for me as I get ready?

Fearful thoughts of losing you keep going forward
So I can’t clearly approach you

Why are you saying that you’re scared?
What kind of game is this when you say you’re not ready?
Honestly, one part of my heart wants to rush you like how a child would
I can’t say that I don’t have a side of me that’s like that
But you know this feeling isn’t a momentary attraction
It’s deeper than that, you know the way I feel about you
Day by day
Until the day you accept my heart
I will chose to have a happy wait

* Repeat

Just remember this one thing, on days that were really hard
You were the only one who opened my exhausted heart

As much as your big love, no more than that, I will treat you well
Just comfortably watch over me as you are right now
The day when my saved up love will be expressed to you
Then I will tell you that I love you
Will you wait for me as I get ready?

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Day By Day 2012
As One


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