It Will Be Good (좋을거야) lyrics

As One

It Will Be Good (좋을거야)

I sit still alone in my small room
I quietly think about our past days
You left and I held onto you
You were cruel and I was lacking
I’m not resenting you or blaming myself
We just acted according to our own hearts back then
It was just that the direction was different

I still hate you for leaving me but
Now a lot of time has passed and your face grows faint

* It will be good, only good memories will remain
Yes, tomorrow will be better
I’m alright even without you, the world is beautiful
As much as my tears, as much as the tears I shed
I just need to brightly smile, then I will be happy
When the cold winter has gone and spring comes
It will all be alright

Rather than the gifts I received, I’m saddened by the gifts I couldn’t give to you
I held them close and cried for many nights
WIth my tears, I drew out your face
So I lost a lot of weight compared to the past
But I am fine now
Even when I drink, I don’t think of you
Habitually, I wipe away my tears by myself
I’m doing well, I’m really doing well

In case you came back some day, I prepared many things to say but
Now even those memories grow faint – I won’t wait for you anymore

* Repeat

That sunlight is beautiful baby
This street is beautiful baby
Even without you, it’s beautiful
Now I like being alone, I’m sorry baby
Actually, it really hurt a lot
I really didn’t know I would be smiling again like this
I’m sorry, now be happy, I’m really satisfied with myself now

* Repeat

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It Will Be Good (좋을거야)
As One


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