Monologue (혼잣말) lyrics

As One

Monologue (혼잣말)

*Cry cry cry I cry, why why why tell me why
Lie lie lie you lie, bye bye bye don’t say bye
Because I love you

You come by my heart a thousand times
Even if I stop you
And my foolish heart moves towards you again
Even if I stop myself

You, such a bad person
You, such a mean person
You, who makes me so sad
Why, do you come into my heart
Why, do you keep shaking my heart

**Words that I hid in my heart
Words that I hid behind my tears
Words that I should say alone
Listen to alone and forget alone
Such hard words, sad words that you can’t hear
I love you

My heart, that became a fool (my heart)
It call you everyday and searches you everyday
My heart, that is tired of missing you (my heart)
Because I miss you everytime I breathe

You, I want you
You, are the only one
You, I don’t want anyone but you
Why, can’t I say these words?
Why, it hurts, when will you know my heart?


I swallow the words that have filled up
I feel hopeless staring at your back
This awful silence makes me feel timid
But imma tell you that I need you back

I’m sick and tired of this tightening heart
I’ve come this much, why don’t you know?
You’re the only one that could rock my world
I will tell you I love you, my queen, my world

Words that linger on the tip of my tongue
Words that make me tear up
Words that I secretly write and close like a diary
Words that I didn’t get to tell you, that won’t reach you
I love you


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Monologue (혼잣말)
As One


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