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As One


Baby boy, now I can’t stay by your side
Don’t tell me that you understand
You and me, I still can’t forget you
Oh everyday, I think of you in my heart

It’s ben a while my love, how have you been?
It’s been a long time
Honestly, I missed you these days
I thought of you a lot whenever I heard this song
When was it that we broke up?
Sometimes it feels just like yesterday and that scares me
I’m afraid that I will fall in love with you again
I’m afraid you’ll leave again so tears fall

* Close your eyes and I’ll be there
Like a habit, I will think of you again
Though I’m not by your side, I’ll remember
So baby we’re together together together together

Yeah, your lips were so sweet (so sweet)
Your body trembled at our first kiss (yeah)
Everything stopped at that moment
And I was looking at you and you were looking at me
I love you, I even said those words (I love you)
But that was the truth, it was different back then (something special)
We whispered that this will last forever but
Everything became a sweet lie

I guess I was just a passing by person
Although you were my love
I guess I was just a forgotten memory
Although you are still my living memory
You already became another person’s lover but
It doesn’t matter to me
Even before then, you were already my love
So even now, I say this monologue by earnestly calling your name

* Repeat (x3)

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As One


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