Because Of You (너 때문에) lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Sweet Girl
  2. play_circle_outline You
  3. play_circle_outline Drive
  4. play_circle_outline Glass Of Water
  5. play_circle_outline Are You Happy
  6. play_circle_outline You Make Me A Fool
  7. play_circle_outline Solo Day
  8. play_circle_outline Because It Hurts
  9. play_circle_outline Seoul
  10. play_circle_outline Road
  11. play_circle_outline Drunk With Music
  12. play_circle_outline Who Am I
  13. Pretty
  14. play_circle_outline Too Much
  15. play_circle_outline Oh My God
  16. play_circle_outline Baby
  17. Amazing
  18. play_circle_outline Love Then
  19. play_circle_outline Lonely
  20. play_circle_outline With You
  21. play_circle_outline How Many Times
  22. play_circle_outline Good Love
  23. play_circle_outline Yesterday
  24. play_circle_outline Starlight Song
  25. play_circle_outline What’s Going On
  26. play_circle_outline Sunshine
  27. play_circle_outline In The Air
  28. play_circle_outline Be My Girl
  29. play_circle_outline What Do You Want To Do
  30. play_circle_outline I Won’t Do Bad Things
  31. play_circle_outline If
  32. play_circle_outline Tried To Walk
  33. play_circle_outline Hey Girl
  34. play_circle_outline Are You Happy? (잘 돼가)
  35. play_circle_outline Puppy Love (짝사랑)
  36. play_circle_outline YOU ARE MY GIRL
  37. play_circle_outline How Many Times (몇 번을)
  38. play_circle_outline Baby Goodnight (잘자요 굿나잇)
  39. play_circle_outline A Glass Of Water (물 한잔)
  40. play_circle_outline Sunshine (We Got Married World Edition OST)
  41. Pretty (예뻐)
  42. play_circle_outline Seoul (서울)
  43. Drunk With Music (음악에 취해)
  44. play_circle_outline Fooool
  45. play_circle_outline BABY I’M SORRY
  46. play_circle_outline When In Love (사랑 그땐)
  47. play_circle_outline Chu Chu Chu (쮸쮸쮸)
  48. play_circle_outline Smile (웃어봐)
  49. play_circle_outline Wonderful Tonight
  50. play_circle_outline Beautiful Target
  51. Hey Girl (The Thousandth Man OST)
  52. play_circle_outline IF… (너만 있으면)
  53. play_circle_outline Because Of You (너 때문에)
  54. play_circle_outline SUPER SONIC
  55. play_circle_outline SO FINE
  56. play_circle_outline What Do You Want To Do? (뭐 할래요)
  57. play_circle_outline Sky (Take Care of Us, Captain OST)
  58. play_circle_outline Overwhelmed / Too Much (벅차)
  59. play_circle_outline Love Is Magic
  60. play_circle_outline Tried To Walk (걸어본다)
  61. play_circle_outline You Make Me A Fool (내가 뭐가 돼)
  62. play_circle_outline Road (길)
  63. play_circle_outline What’s Going On (이게 무슨 일이야)
  64. play_circle_outline FEELING
  65. play_circle_outline My Love
  66. play_circle_outline Starlight Song (별빛의 노래)
  67. play_circle_outline Wait
  68. play_circle_outline You Are A Girl I Am A Boy
  69. play_circle_outline This Time Is Over
  70. play_circle_outline After 10 Years (10넌 후)
  71. 以心


Because Of You (너 때문에)

The sweet memories like original candy
They twinkle and shine in my head

You brightly smiled like a young child
But now I say good bye from my memories

I ordered a cup of coffee that you used to like
And I quietly waited for you but
It’s no use because you’re not anywhere
You are like a smile-less Mona Lisa
The stars are twinkling
The memories of us together are countless
I can’t forget them so I messily wander the streets
I walk to find you, the only thing that’s busy are my two legs

* I’m like this every day, I’m like this because of you
Yes, it’s because of you
On this cooled down night where the moonlight shines on me
I just can’t wait no more

** Again today, I hear about you and I hang my head
I keep thinking of you so I’m going crazy
On this cooled down night where the moonlight shines on me
I just can’t wait no more

I keep thinking of you so my head hurts
All I can do is just look at you
Because I keep thinking of you brightly smiling

It’s alright, being without you, eating alone
It’s alright, it’s not alright
You not being next to me, eating alone
It’s not alright, I pretend to be okay in case someone sees
In case they think I’m a pathetic guy
The dawn air is cold and dry
I’m like that

* Repeat

** Repeat

On this cooled down night where the moonlight shines on me
My hardened heart, my decreased words
Is everyone like this or am I the only one?
I hate the wave that comes after separation

It’s too hard to go on, I’m too tired
We’re just up till here baby

* Repeat

** Repeat

(We’re just up till here baby)

* Repeat

** Repeat

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Because Of You (너 때문에)


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