Close My Eyes (눈감아) lyrics

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  18. Erasing You (너를 지워본다)
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  21. play_circle_outline Close My Eyes (눈감아)
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  27. play_circle_outline Think (생각나)


Close My Eyes (눈감아)

Please don’t hurt me anymore
Please don’t make me alone
Don’t let the lies break ma love

Girl, I’m hurting so much because I know you’re cheating on me
Each time, I didn’t say anything and just stayed up all night with cooled tears

What did you do yesterday that I couldn’t contact you?
Do you not like me anymore? Are you doing this on purpose?
Please hurry and tell me – hey girl

I’d rather like it if you lied to me so please tell me that it wasn’t you
It’s fine even if I’m not in your heart right now so listen carefully, just tell me one thing
Even if you’re a deathly disease, I’ll be sick with you – if this is my punishment, I’ll take it all
Please just don’t say you’re sorry and hurry and hug me and kiss me girl

* Oh baby can’t you see, I feel like I could explode
Because I love you, I’ll understand you baby
Close my eyes, close my eyes, it’s hard but I’ll close my eyes

** Oh baby can’t you see – tears come but
I can’t let you go so I’ll hold it in once again baby
Close my eyes, close my eyes – I feel like I could die but I’ll close my eyes

Hold on baby stop – just until the sun rises, just until I fall asleep
I’ll do anything, I can take anything
If only I can be with you baby girl

I don’t want to lose you because of the passing by infidelity
Just because of one mistake (no) you’re not that easy
I can do anything if only I can turn you back to me
I’ll feel like a dead corpse if you turn your back on me

* Repeat

** Repeat

My eyes are telling you, my heart is telling you
That I love you, that I don’t want to be apart from you
Don’t hide it from me anymore because then I’ll become miserable
Ma lady can’t you see that you’re the one for me

* Repeat

** Repeat


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Close My Eyes (눈감아)


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