Happy Brand New Year lyrics

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Happy Brand New Year


It’s been a crazy year hasn’t it
But you know its been, its been worth it
You know why?
Cuz we went through it together
And that’s what’s important right? Being together
And I’m looking forward to it next year
You know why?
Cuz it’s a brand New Year
That’s why

It wasn’t easy, starting with the first step
I needed to start after putting together the many broken pieces
I was rained on, hoping that the ground will harden and become strong
Then you came to me and became my umbrella
You gave me the reason to spread my shoulders and continue my way
So I thank you for all that you’ve done
I want to put in your story in this song like this

Shorty would you be my wings, fly me up
I don’t wanna let you fall, never too late
Be my steak, put your love on top, love on top
It’s all ‘Brand-New’ year

* Baby happy brand New Year (happy brand new year)
With me, hello brand New Year (hello brand new year )
If only you’re with me, it’s always brand new day

** Baby happy brand new year (happy brand new year)
I’m just so thankful (thank you for your love)
For being with me, for loving me

B.R.A.N.D New Year
I was walking on the path of men, which is bound to be filled with life’s errors
Then I met you, although the world was thinner than ever
But because you were there, it was different from others

Just know that your small love is not small to me
Even if you hurt or get scarred because of me
I can repay it all for you, you believe me
Let’s match each other’s footsteps, today is a new day

Every single day, it’s a brand new day
I’m happy because I’m with you

I will always love you
I thank you for your love

* Repeat

** Repeat

In the many moments that were so happy
In the middle of everything that still feels like a dream
You are there so it looks even better
To me, you’re pretty enough, more than anyone else

Now I think I know how you feel
Just by being by my side, I give thanks for you
I hope this joy will be by your side forever
I will always be with you, thanks for my brand new

* Repeat

** Repeat

Now my hands aren’t cold anymore
Though my cheeks get red, it’s not because it’s cold
In your heart, in your heart,
I am there so this winter, it’s strangely warm (x2)

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Happy Brand New Year


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