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Brown Eyed Girls

Before Sunset


You know…
The city reminds me of u..
I still remember you.. I miss u..
Cuz you’re different and special…

Natseoreotdeon geori, geu georiboda deo natseoldeon neo
(Geureon neoreul gieokhae)
Deultteoitdeon georeum, mallanggeoryeosseotdeon uri yaegi

Saeppalgan geojitmal
Chinguro jinaejago malhajima
(Byeoruibyeol dareun mareul dulleodae)
Saeppalgan ipsure sumgyeonwatdeon geu mareun mwoyeosseo


Niga nal barabol ttae
Niga nal seuchyeosseul ttae
Ah~ ah~
Jogeum nareunhan deutan
Nuneuro nal manjil ttae
Ah~ ah~

Neoegero naragallae

Haneuri dahaitjanha
Long distance eoryeoun ge anya
Ajik geu ttae geu gamjeongi nama isseu
Nuneul gamabwa geuttaewa biseutan
Sweet mellodiga deullyeo da da da~

Geogin jigeum myeotsi ireonagin haenni nan baminde
(Areunareun georyeo neon)
Neoneun jigeum eodi, neoui mameun eodi nan gunggeumhae

Heurin haneul bomyeon
Ni haneure tteoitdeon gureumilkka
(Byeoruibyeol saenggageuro neol wonhae)
Birado naerimyeon geuphan mami chagapge sigeulkka


Niga nal barabol ttae
Niga nal seuchyeosseul ttae
Ah~ ah~
Jogeum nareunhan deutan
Nuneuro nal manjil ttae
Ah~ ah~

Neoegero naragallae

Geuttaen yaegihallae
Geuttaen anabollae
Dollyeoseo malhamyeon mwol hae
Almyeonseo mworeul deo wonhae

Nuneuro, soneuro, momeuro, hadeon mal
Mallo haeboja, geuttaen

Igukjeogieotdeon bunwigie chwihae
Jamkkan barami deureotdeon gabyeoun ge anya
Aaaa (neodo alji) aaaa (a, ye)
Neoreul dasi mannal nareul kaellindeo wie
Chekeuhaenoko sonkkoba gidarineun ge naya
Aaaa, ije neoegero naragallae

Nal barabomyeon
Dasi nal seuchindamyeon
Ah~ ah~
Jogeum nareunhan deutan
Nuni nal tto manjimyeon
Ah~ ah~
Ni gyeoteseo nan meomullae

Neomuna geuriwosseo since we kissed and…
Neodo nawa gateul geoya

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Before Sunset
Brown Eyed Girls


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    You know
    The city reminds me of you
    I still remember you, I miss you
    Cuz you’re different and special

    It was an unfamiliar street and you were even more unfamiliar
    (I remember you like that)
    Our steps were giddy and our story was tender

    A red hot lie
    Don’t say that we should remain as friends
    (You say all sorts of things to cover it up)
    What were the words you hid in your red lips?


    When you look at me
    When you passed by me
    Ah ah
    With slightly languid eyes
    When you touched me
    Ah ah

    I want to fly to you

    We’re under the same sky
    Long distance is not hard
    Those feelings from back then are still there
    Close your eyes, you can hear the similar sweet melody from then

    What time is it there? Did you get up? It’s night time for me
    (You flicker before my eyes)
    Where are you? Where is your heart? I’m curious

    When I see the gray sky
    I wonder if the clouds were in your sky too
    (I want you in all sorts of ways)
    If it rains, will your impatient heart cool down?


    When you look at me
    When you passed by me
    Ah ah
    With slightly languid eyes
    When you touched me
    Ah ah

    I want to fly to you

    Then I want to tell you
    Then I want to hug you
    What’s the use of beating around the bush?
    What more do you want when you know this?

    Words said by the eyes, hands and body
    Let’s say it then

    Intoxicated by the foreign atmosphere
    This isn’t something light and temporary
    Ah ah ah ah (you know as well) ah ah ah ah (ah yeah)
    The day I see you again is on top of the calendar
    I marked it and I wait for you by counting down with my fingers
    Now I want to fly to you

    When you look at me
    If you pass by me again
    Ah ah
    When the slightly languid eyes
    Touch me again
    Ah ah
    I want to stay by your side

    I missed you so much since we kissed and
    You’ll feel the same as me