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Brown Eyed Girls

Come With Me

I can’t risk it anymore
I can’t empty my heart
I’m a panic room
Anyone can make mistakes
I guess I’m still far from being an adult, right?
I don’t know why I’m like this
Why am I choking myself, what to do?

Like the dark ocean before my eyes
I deeply hid you and I’m happy that I can tell you everything

* I’m lonely, come with me
So I won’t be lonely anymore
Come here, stand up here, I’m already a hologram
These hot tears, the earnest wind
They’re getting deeper – I want you
Still I am, listen to me, come with me

The many regrets that are washing over me-
Leave me, follow the waves
Now don’t find me again
You lived as you were trapped in me
You must have been frustrated
Enjoy it more, more, worth it

Right before my eyes, we need to gain more strength
For a more beautiful night for us

* Repeat

It’s not over (It’s not over)
I hope it will always be like today
The tears of today
It’s not over (It’s not over)
Always give me strength like you did today

I tried to be perfect each time (I tried to be good each time)
I tried and wanted to get a stranger’s acknowledgement (what’s the big deal about that?)
I trapped myself and tied a noose around myself
I always only said that I wanted freedom
I will cast it away, I will stop now – there are no regrets in my heart
Life is like a blessing to me
In front of this ocean that is open like “boom!”
I will remember all the tears I shed today that I spent with you

Come here, come with me
So I won’t be lonely anymore, come here
Stand up here, so I won’t be shaken
These hot tears, this overwhelming day
They’re getting deeper – I want you
Still I am, listen to me, come with me

* Repeat

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Come With Me
Brown Eyed Girls


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