Still In Love (아직 사랑한다) lyrics

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Still In Love (아직 사랑한다)

You’re my love

I can’t fall asleep in this long night
I draw you out again
Today, I hold back tears yet again
I let out a sigh – you’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love

* My painful love, I’m hurting as if I cut my skin
I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts
My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

Today, I see the morning yet again
I draw you out again
Lingering attachments push over to me again
I still love you – you’re my love
You’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love

* repeat

My bad love, I call you but there’s no answer (no answer)
I beg to hold on to you but you coldly turn away (turn away)
My bad love, you are leaving like vapor (you are leaving)
I extend my hand to hold you but at some point, you already left me

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Still In Love (아직 사랑한다)


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