Stay The Way You Are (그대로 있어도 돼) lyrics


Stay The Way You Are (그대로 있어도 돼)

City light

I’m into about a quarter of my life right now
When people ask how I’m doing, my answer’s always the same
It’s never different: I’m good
As if it’s so clear – my dream has not changed
I am passionately breathing just like before
But back then, I only wanted to win
In my young eyes, it seemed so expensive
That happiness was that shining Christian Dior on that girl’s wrist
People’s personalities change according to what they’re wearing
That was the first feeling of this city
Around then, I set my goal to eating and living and everything else on the next level
When nighttime came, I dreamed of a different tomorrow
Looking at today that seemed like yesterday as I opened my eyes in the morning
As if everything’s the same, I move little by little
Somewhere right below success is my current address

* Everything seems alright as I’m standing on this path, whatever
You can just stay right where you are
Even if it gets dark for a moment, don’t get nervous, wherever
You can trust me, just stay right where you are

There’s a fine line between success and failure and that’s my current address
Taking the first character of those two words, integrity is the source of my money^
300K house, my credit card is purple swag^^
Though I don’t have a foreign car, my feet are always in LebronX
I’m ready to run errday
When I play just as much as I work and I make money just as much as I play
I’m always at a surplus even if I don’t sell my pride
I will protect my position till the end
I fall asleep only after the sun rises
But in turn, my dreams are never dark
The guy called Chance never falls asleep but knocks on my door
Wait a minute, I’ll sleep a bit more and then I’ll catch you
I may be in my thirties but I’m forever young
Sometimes this kind of life seems too much for me
Those breaks when I used to blankly have money taken away from me is now long over
Now every day is a come back season for me

* Repeat

After a new morning, a feel-good night comes
Everyone worked so hard, empty your glasses
My heart feels like a midsummer afternoon
I haven’t cooled down, I’m just resting, resting my heart
Stay cool, wherever you are
Stay cool, wherever you are
Stay cool, wherever you are
You’re doing well, just keep it up tomorrow as well

I went around many paths
And I can’t ever go back to the beginning
Although I don’t know where it ends, I feel okay
Just always just sit back, relax and take notes
Sit back, relax and take notes
Sit back, relax and take notes
Sit back, sit back

* Repeat

^ In Korean, taking the first two characters of the words “success” and “failure” create the word, “integrity.”

^^ A purple credit card is usually a VIP card with a high credit limit.

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Stay The Way You Are (그대로 있어도 돼)


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