Break of Dawn / 1  歌詞 (lyrics)

  1. play_circle_outline Tadaima / I'm Home
  2. Azayakana Hana / The Vivid Flower
  3. play_circle_outline Yesterday & Today / 11 
  4. play_circle_outline Eternal Flame
  5. play_circle_outline Oasis / 3 
  6. play_circle_outline Tooku Made / Faraway
  7. play_circle_outline Rakuen / Paradise
  8. play_circle_outline Fukai Mori / Deep Forest
  9. play_circle_outline Tsubasa no Keikaku
  10. play_circle_outline Tangerine Dream / 10 
  11. play_circle_outline Hiiragi / Holly
  12. play_circle_outline Toreja Pureja / Treasure Pleasure
  13. play_circle_outline under the moon
  14. play_circle_outline Gates of Heaven
  15. play_circle_outline Sense of Life
  16. play_circle_outline Remember the Hill
  17. play_circle_outline SHIGUNARU / Signal
  18. play_circle_outline Desire
  19. play_circle_outline 10W40
  20. play_circle_outline Week!
  21. play_circle_outline Summer Days
  22. play_circle_outline One or Eight
  23. play_circle_outline Break of Dawn / 1 
  24. play_circle_outline Carnaval
  25. play_circle_outline under the sun
  26. play_circle_outline buranko
  27. play_circle_outline Heart / 6 
  28. play_circle_outline Mahou no Kotoba Would You Marry Me?
  29. play_circle_outline Na No Hanabatake (菜ノ花畑)
  30. play_circle_outline Need Your Love
  31. play_circle_outline Ultimate G.V
  32. play_circle_outline Yotaka No Yume (夜鷹の夢)
  33. play_circle_outline Robot (ロボット)
  34. play_circle_outline One Flesh
  35. play_circle_outline Ever
  36. play_circle_outline Be Free
  37. play_circle_outline Rakuen (楽園)
  38. play_circle_outline Blue
  39. play_circle_outline For The Future
  40. play_circle_outline Alive
  41. Iron Hornet

Do As Infinity

Break of Dawn / 1 
gathered around a fire 
on the beach one night in june yeah
talking of future, past and love affairs
under moonlight drinking beer
waiting for sunlight drinking beer
as fire turned to ashes a man came
asking for directions yeah
wanted to know the way to a promised land
noone knew the way to bright side
noone knew the way to the right side
accidently pointed one way towards horizon
he started walking slowly down the shoreline
ooh Break of Dawn we were wandering aimless
in the darkness
ooh Break of Dawn we were roaming wasted 
in the grayness
ended up the right place? noone knows
gathered around a fire 
on the beach one night in june yeah
talking of future, past an love affairs
under moonlight drinking beer
waiting for sunlight drinking beer
did we take the right way? drinking beer
it happened Break of Dawn drinking beer
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Break of Dawn / 1 
Do As Infinity


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