Crush lyrics

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  28. 1ll Recognize 1ll



Aye baby boy, look here, I’m ready
It’s your first time and you may be shy but please come to me
Let‘s Get Down Down

* His stimulating scent and eyes
His attraction pulls me in
Don’t say that you’re going home
And stay with me today

** I really want to know what you want
Stop pretending to avoid me
Hurry here and tell me that you feel the same

*** Whenever, it’s alright – if it’s you, it’s alright
We gon’ be alright though I’m a bit shy
Let’s get this Tonight Let’s get this Tonight
Let’s get this Tonight You love me

Aye baby boy, only look at me – if you don’t like me, then that’s fine
I’m also a bit shy but still, come to me
Let‘s Get Down Down

* Repeat

I really want to know what you want
Stop pretending to avoid me
Think carefully before I change my mind

*** Repeat

Baby girl you gotta believe me, don’t leave me
This secret can only be know by you and me
We’re already together, like how time can’t be turned back
Even if tomorrow blocks us, hold tightly to the end of this night
Yeah it’s time time for us to get down down

** Repeat

*** Repeat

I got a crush crush crush on you (x4)


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