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Note: This song is rated R for explicit language. Some parts may be offensive.

R.A.P. star that’s me, I don’t say pretty things like someone
Whatever you say, I don’t care, I talk however I want, I drop that shit
Flyest sick top class ill, whatever you give me, I can do it
Ain’t no motha fucka here go hard as me
Come fuck wit a rap star Kardashian
I play as much as I work, going halfway around the world
I spend as much as I make, driving the car of your dreams
You only live once thats the motto screamin’ yolo
At my age it’s Ferrari, Burberry or Polo
Everyone here is a prisoner trapped in reality
Dragging their hard-worked bodies back to the work place
Every moment, they tremble, scared that they might fail
If it’s not for happiness, why make money?
Bet double, jump hurdles
Walk through fields of thorns but with light steps
When I pass by, your girl freezes
Even after 10 years, there’s still 7 years to go till I reach 30
Hats on got, heads up, my cash flow, swag walk
From Asia to Europe, America, my passport is so full
I’m a rap star, not a celebrity
Cultivating my morals like Kobain
Even on weekends, I work all day
This rap game I don’t play
Besides k-pop music programs, I’ll be everywhere
All the fakes just leave (k-pop music programs), never there

Put the cameras down turn that tv’s off
Fuck the reviews that’ll reject my name
I say what I wanna say wear what I wanna wear
Everybody get your illonaires in the air

I’m a rap star I’m a rap star
I’m a rap star I’m a rap star
I’m a rap star I’m a rap star
Everybody get ur illonaires in the air

I’m a rap star

I sell CDs and make money
I buy CDs, not albums but fresh new Dior jeans
There’s no way it’s gonna rain in the future
Your scale is too small, it’s just cute to me
Yeah, all rappers dream of a contract but I don’t need it
I won’t go on TV and do pointless things
I’m a motha fuckin illionaire C.E.O. bitch
I’m ridin around and I’m gettin it it mine, I spent it
I’ll take everything I want, if I want it genie
If I wanna do something, I just say it
So I made 150 million won and it’s a good living
New CLs, it’s pretty rideable
I can go on vacations once in three months ah shit
The wealthy looks upon the super rich
But even if they hold a knife to my neck, I won’t place my tongue up for sale
I can sleep with stretched out legs, I have two jobs so I’ll never be lacking
The life goes on, I’m on my thug life tupac
Who can stop me? Who will know?
That’s who I am, the one and only rapstar of South Korea, this is a new job
I’ll get judged and if I get dropped in auditions, I won’t shed tears like those homos in dramas

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