7th Level Civil Servant

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2013

7th Grade Civil Servant (Hangul: 7급 공무원; hanja: 七級公務員; RR: 7geup Gongmuwon) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Choi Kang-hee and Joo Won as rookie spies who trained together, ... wikipedia

Drama: 7th Grade Civil Servant (English & literal title) / Level 7 Civil Servant (English title)
Revised romanization: 7Keup Kongmuwon
Hangul: 7급공무원
Network: MBC
Episodes: 20
Release Date: January 23 - March 28, 2013


  • Choi Kang Hee as Kim Seo Won / Kim Kyung Ja
  • Choo Ye Jin as young Kim Seo Won
  • Joo Won as Han Gil Ro / Han Pil Hoon
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Won Suk
  • Hwang Chan Sung as Gong Do Ha
  • Jang Young Nam as Jang Young Soon
  • Son Jin Young as Kim Poong Uhn
  • Choi Jong Hwan as Oh Kwang Jae
  • Kim Min Seo as Shin Sun Mi
  • Lee El as Park Soo Young
  • Byun Seung Yoon (변승윤) as NIS academy instructor
  • Uhm Tae Woong as Choi Woo Hyuk (special appearance)
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Mi Rae
  • Im Yoon Ho as JJ / Choi Woo Jin (Woo Hyuk's younger brother)
  • Dok Go Young Jae as Han Joo Man
  • Im Ye Jin as Go Soo Ja
  • Lee Han Wie as Kim Pan Suk
  • Kim Mi Kyung as Oh Mak Nae
  • No Young Hak as Kim Min Ho
  • Jung In Ki as Kim Sung Joon
  • Seo Seung Man as IT&TI manager
  • Lee Hye Eun as Kim Won Suk's wife
  • Seo Ji Seung as Kim Eun Jung (Kim Won Suk's daughter)
  • Lee Jae Won


  • 1. My Way to You 너에게 가는 길 Joon Ho (준호) of 2PM feat. Taecyeon
  • 2. Flowers Bloom 꽃이 핀다 Park Ji Hun (박지헌) of V.O.S. (브이.오.에스.)
  • 3. I'll Be There for You Han Byul (한별) of LEDApple (레드애플)
  • 4. A Stranger Big Baby Driver
  • 5. Don't Know How to Love 사랑할 줄 몰라서 Ash Gray (애쉬그레이)
  • 6. You Should've Told Me 말하지 그랬어 SpinEL (스피넬)
  • 7. What to Do? 어떡해 Melody Day
  • 8. I'll Be There for You (Korean Ver.) Han Byul (한별) of LEDApple (레드애플)
  • 9. Don't Know How to Love 사랑할 줄 몰라서 Joo Won
  • 10. My Way to You (Inst.) 너에게 가는 길 (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 11. Flowers Bloom (Inst.) 꽃이 핀다 (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 12. I'll Be There for You (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 13. A Stranger (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 14. Don't Know How to Love (Inst.) 사랑할 줄 몰라서 (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 15. You Should've Told Me (Inst.) 말하지 그랬어 (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 16. What to Do? (Inst.) 어떡해 (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 17. The Secret Lover (Original Ver.) Various Artists
  • 18. A Stranger (Guitar Ver.) Various Artists
  • 19. Racing Go Go Various Artists
  • 20. Although Far Now금은 멀리 있지만 Various Artists
  • 21. The Way to Love Various Artists

7th Level Civil Servant OST - song list