A Chinese Ghost Story

(Chinese Drama)

A Chinese Ghost Story picture


Year: Drama 1987

A Chinese Ghost Story  is a 1987 Hong Kong romantic comedy horror film starring Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong and Wu Ma, directed by Ching Siu-tung and produced by Tsui Hark.

Traditional 倩女幽魂
Simplified 倩女幽魂
Mandarin: Qiàn Nǚ Yōu Hún
Cantonese: Sin6 Neoi5 Jau1 Wan4

English: The Ethereal Spirit of a Beauty
Directed by: Ching Siu-Tung
Produced by: Tsui Hark
Written by: Yuen Kai Chi
Starring: Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong, Wu Ma
Music by: Romeo Diaz, James Wong
Cinematography: Poon Hang-sang, Sander Lee Kar-ko, Tom Lau Moon-tong, Wong Wing-hang
Production company: Film Workshop
Release dates: 18 July 1987 (Hong Kong)
Country: Hong Kong

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