All About Eve

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2000

All About Eve (Hangul: 이브의 모든것; RR: Ibeuui Modeun Geot) is a South Korean television drama which aired in 2000 on MBC that focused on two beautiful, young TV news reporters (portrayed by Chae ... wikipedia

Drama: All About Eve
Romanization: Ibeuui Modeun geot
Hangul: 이브의 모든것

Various Artists - All About Eve OST

  • 01. True Love (Main Theme)
  • 02. 지금처럼만 (진선미 Theme)
  • 03. 두고온 슬픔 (Sad Theme 1)
  • 04. 사랑을 전하는 마음으로 (형철 사랑의 Theme)
  • 05. Road Runner (허영미 Theme)
  • 06. Falling In Love (From 진선미 To 우진)
  • 07. 두고봐 (From 허영미 To 형철 Theme)
  • 08. Watching You (From 진선미 To 형철 Theme)
  • 09. After (Sad Theme 2)
  • 10. Somewhere (진선미 Theme)

All About Eve OST - song list