Attic Cat

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2003

Rooftop Room Cat (Hangul: 옥탑방 고양이; RR: Oktapbang Goyang-i; also known as Attic Cat or Cat on the Roof) is a 2003 South Korean television series starring Kim Rae-won, Jung Da-bin, Choi Jung-yoon ... wikipedia

Drama: Cat on the Roof / Rooftop Room Cat / Attic Cat
Romanization: Oktapbang goyangi
Hangul: 옥탑방 고양이

Track listing

1. Attic Cat (옥탑방 고양이) Title Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
2. Tears (선물) (Ver. 1) Im Ha Young (임하영)
3. Come Back to Me T.B. (TRUE BIRD)
4. Start Again... (다시 처음으로...) Han Do Young (한도영)
5. It's Me (그게 바로 나야 ) Han Do Young (한도영)
6. Tears (선물) (Ver. 2) Im Ha Young (임하영)
7. (소동) Theme Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
8. (너의 향기) Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
9. (휘파람) Theme Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
10. I Love You (사랑해) Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
11. Kyung Min's Theme (경민 Theme) (Humming)) Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
12. (휘파람) Theme II Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
13. Meow (야옹) Theme Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
14. Run... Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
15. Piano Theme Im Ha Young (임하영)
16. Meow (야옹) Theme II Im Ha Young (임하영)
17. I Love You (사랑해) II Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
18. (너의 향기) Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
19. Attic Cat (옥탑방 고양이) Ending Title Oh Jin Woo (오진우)
20. Come Back to Me (MR) Oh Jin Woo (오진우)

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