Be With You

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 2017

Title: 不得不爱 / Bu De Bu Ai / Be With You
Also known as: Every Step Is Wrong / Can't Help But Love You
Genre: Melodrama, romance, office
Episodes: 44
Broadcast network: iQIYi
Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-02 20:00 start

Lin Wei Ling was a rich but lonely little girl who longed for her father's care. She found him dead one day. Her father's close friend and his wife-son then nurtured her shocked and mute state until she recovered. Just as she started to be happy again, she found out that he was the one who betrayed her father. She ran away and years later, coming back ready to get her revenge, she meets Hu Qian Yu again, the son of her enemy and also her first love.


  • Wilber Pan as Hu Qian Yu
  • Xu Lu as Lin Wei Ling
  • Denny Huang as Yao Jun Mo
  • Mao Xiao Tong as Yao Yao
  • Zhang Jun Ning as Li Mu Chen
  • Tanny Tien as Hu Xin
  • Derek Chang (张轩睿) as Wang Shu Wei
  • Liu Xiao Wan (刘小婉) as Xu Ran

Theme songs

  •  汪蘇瀧 - 原谅
  • 刘惜君 - 故意不爱你

Be With You OST - song list