Big Heat

(Korean drama)

Big Heat picture


Year: Drama 2011

Title: 빅히트 / Big Heat
Broadcast network: E Channel
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-21 to 2011-Jul-14

Big Heat is a rookie idol group comprised of four youngsters who have all suffered various grievances at the hands of society, but have managed to find the determination to transcend this to achieve their dreams. This drama tells the story of their road to fame and delves into controversial issues in the entertainment industry.


  • Park Sung Woong as Hwang Jwa Soo
  • Lee Joo Hyun as Goo Bon Keol
  • Choi Ah Ra as Eun Ha
  • Kim Joo Young as Kim San
  • Jo Sung Wook (조성욱) as Dok Go
  • Jo Sung Woo (조성우) as Tae Ha
  • Oh Song as Joo Pil
  • Jin Won as Baek Seo Joon
  • Kwak Hyun Hwa
  • Baek Seung Do


  • 1.제발 나 좀 살자... F.I.X
  • 2. Beat It F.I.X
  • 3. Song for You F.I.X
  • 4. 제발 나 좀 살자... (Chorus Ver.) F.I.X

Big Heat OST - song list