Dark Tales II / 聊齋(貳)

(Chinese Drama)

Dark Tales II / 聊齋(貳) picture


Year: Drama 1998

The Chinese / 聊齋(貳) literary masterpiece “Dark Tales” is again brought to the TV screen with the help of phenomenal computer animations and special effects. “Dark Tales II” consists of eight touching love stories between earthly men and the immortals, which are in fact parables: “Feather Fairy” describes how earthly love cannot resist temptations; “The Phantom and the Fox” points out man can hardly distinguish between the good and the evil; “The Judge from Hell” prompts man not to be greedy and that being common is good; “Flower Fairies” relates how easy man will turn weak and suspicious; “Mistake” teaches man to do good; “Ghost Mother” shows how deep a mother loves her child; “Sacred Sword” reminds man not to underestimate others; and “Eternal Love” reveals how love can last forever.


  • Cheung Siu-fai as Wu Cheng-hsiu (武承休)
  • Chin Siu-ho as Tian Chi-lang (田七郎)
  • Cynthia Khan as Liu Mu-lian (劉木蓮)
  • Josephine Lam as Wu Cheng-hsiu's wife (武承休夫人)
  • Chao Chung as Su Yue (素月)
  • Fung Hiu-man as Cheng Chu (程菊)
  • Wilson Tsui as Li Ying (李應)
  • Joseph Lee as Lin Er (林二)
  • Wong Siu-lung as Siao Wu (小五)
  • Leung Yuk-gan as Su Su (蘇蘇)
  • Sally Chen as Tian's Mother (田母)
  • Chen Hung-lieh as Yan Tao-sheng (嚴道生)
  • Derek Kok as Yan Hou (嚴候)
  • Hui Man-chuen as Yan Yung (嚴用)
  • Chan Wing-chun as Wei Ming (魏明)
  • Jack Wong as the Emperor (皇帝)
  • Ho Bik-kin as Manager Wang (王掌櫃)
  • Sun Dalong as Chiang Chiu (蔣九)
  • Shiu Cheuk-hiu as Bali (巴利)
  • Yip Yung as Balu (巴魯)
  • Tie Meng-qiu as Eunuch Yu

Theme song:

T: "只當是個夢" (彭羚)
ST: "重回那天那地" (彭羚)

Dark Tales II / 聊齋(貳) OST - song list