Feminine Masculinity (TVB)

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 1999

Feminine Masculinity 先生貴性

Feminine Masculinity ( 先生貴性), also known as Mr. Diana, is a 1999 Hong Kong television drama. It stars Gallen Lo, Flora Chan, Kwong Wa, Nicola Cheung, Angela Tong, and Florence Kwok.

Title: 先生貴性
Cantonese title: Sin Sang Gwai Sing
English title: Feminine Masculinity
Genre: Mystery, supernatural
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 1999-Sep-15 to 1999-Nov-09
Opening theme song: For You, I Will Never Give Up (對你,我永不放棄) by Gallen Lo and Flora Chan


  • Flora Chan as Christine Fong, the main protagonist.
  • Gallen Lo as Tang Ping-kuen / Diana Szema, the village head of Lucky Village whom Christine's ghost takes host of after she dies.
  • Kwong Wa as Andrew Cheung, Christine's husband.
  • Nicola Cheung as Sardonna Fong, Christine's younger sister.
  • Angela Tong as Sophia So, Christine's secretary.
  • Florence Kwok as Francoise Lee, Christine's rival.
  • Dickson Lee as Inspector William Chung, the inspector in charge of investigating Christine's death.
  • Koo Ming-wah as Jacky Fong, Christine's younger brother.
  • Ku Feng as Officer Tommy Tang, Kuen's uncle and William's subordinate who has extrasensory perception.
  • Lo Mang as Tang Siu-fung and Kenny Wong as Kiu Muk, Kuen's two best friends.
  • Teresa Ha as Chan Shuk-ying, Kuen's aunt.
  • Fung So-bor as Law Pik-kuen, Christine's mother.
  • Joe Junior as Joe Leung, Christine's boss.
  • Steven Ho as Choi, Lee Wai-kei as Michael Tang, and Lee Chi-kei as Chung, Christine's subordinates.

Theme song

對你,我永不放棄 by (Gallen Lo & Flora Chan)

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