First Kiss for the Seventh Time

(Korean drama)

First Kiss for the Seventh Time picture


Year: Drama 2016

Native title: 7 첫 키스7 cheos kiseuFirst Kiss for the Seventh Time
Also Known as: The 7th First Kiss; Seven First Kisses; First Kiss For the Sixth Time; 7 First Kisses

Genre: Drama Web
Episodes: 10
Chain: KST
Issue Period: 05-December-2016
Hours: Monday and Wednesday -10: 00

Starring:  Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jun Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, EXO's Kai and 2PM's Taecyeon.

In 'First Kiss for the Seventh Time', Choi Ji Woo attempts to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among 6 different men. Her options are Lee Jong Suk, playing a top star, Ji Chang Wook, a sexy secret agent, Lee Jun Ki, a chaebol and church oppa, Park Hae Jin, a romantic coworker, Kai the adorable younger male friend, and Taecyeon, a naive rich kid.


  • Choi Ji Woo as multifaceted goddess
  • Lee Cho Hee as Min Soo Jin
  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Lee Jun Ki
  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Park Hae Jin
  • Lee Min Ho
  • Taecyeon
  • Kai


First Kiss for the Seventh Time OST - song list