Fly Me to Polaris

(Chinese Drama)

Fly Me to Polaris picture


Year: Drama 1999

Fly Me to Polaris (星願) is a 1999 Hong Kong romantic fantasy film directed by Jingle Ma and starring Richie Jen and Cecilia Cheung. 

A man returns from a recent death to find his love, only to have her not recognise him and reject him.

Traditional 星願
Simplified 星愿
Mandarin Xīng Yuàn
Cantonese Sing1 Jyun6
Director: Jingle Ma
Writer: Chi-Leung Law
Stars: Richie Jen, Cecilia Cheung, William Wing Hong So


Richie Jen as Onion / Cheuk
Cecilia Cheung as Autumn Yue
William So as Dr. Woo
Eric Tsang as Jumboball
Eric Kot as Angel
Sheren Tang as Autumn's sister
Sandy Lamb as Radio program host
Isabel Chan as Nurse Joe Chan
Wong Chi-choi as Mr. Wong
Lam Chui-fung as Nurse Chow
Chan Po-chun as Hospital canteen waiter
Max Yip as Cra driver in accident
Lai Wing-san as Car passenger in accident
Cheung Yue-lee as Little boy patient
Ng Hoi-ying as Little girl patient
Macy Yik as Little girl patient's mom
Yiu Nag-si as Nurse
Oh Ho-yue as Fat nurse
Chan Man-yiu as Rude passerby in suit
Wong Wai-chuen as Taxi driver
Lam Wai-lun as Angel's assistant
Audrey Mak as Chubs

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