Love is More than a Word (Web Series)

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 2016

Love is More than a Word 识汝不识丁 网络剧/系列剧

Love Is More Than A Word (识汝不识丁[Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding]), adapted from the novel written by Su You Bing. Stills: Gu She (Yan Zi Dong) is a cold, intelligent, and well-educated lawyer. He starts out with indifferent feelings towards the new magistrate Tao Mo (Danny Jiang Zi Le) in town but through solving many cases together, they gradually develop feelings. What he doesn’t know: the new magistrate is illiterate, and his post was bought through money. Described as naive and well-meaning, he only likes to stare at pretty boys. Throughout their journey, he also unveils secrets behind his father’s death. A love triangle is formed when his old lover Emperor Wen of Chen ( Korn Kong Chui Nan) appears half-way into the story. (viki)


  • Kong Korn - Chen Wen Di
  • Jiang Zi Le - Tao Mo
  • Yan Zi Dong - Gu She
  • Lu Zhuo - Hao Guo Zi

Theme song

花开年少-(电视剧《识汝不识丁》主题曲) - 韩磊

Love is More than a Word (Web Series) OST - song list