My Love From the Star

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2013

My Love from the Star (Hangul: 별에서 온 그대; RR: Byeoreseo on geudae; literally You Who Came from the Stars) is a South Korean television series about an alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon ... wikipedia

Drama: My Love From The Star / You Who Came From the Stars
Romanization: Byeoleseo On Geudae
Hangul: 별에서 온 그대


  • Jun Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi (top actress/university student)
  • Kim Hyun Soo as young Chun Song Yi / Seo Yi Hwa
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon (alien/university professor)
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung ( youngest son of S&C Group)
  • Jo Seung Hyun as young Lee Hwi Kyung
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi (supporting actress)
  • Kim Hye Won (김혜원) as young Yoo Se Mi
  • Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jae Kyung (heir of S&C Group)
  • Na Young Hee as Yang Mi Yun (Song Yi's mother)
  • Uhm Hyo Sup as Chun Min Goo (Song Yi's father)
  • Ahn Jae Hyun as Chun Yoon Jae (Song Yi's younger brother)
  • Jun Jin Seo as child Yoon Jae
  • Hong Jin Kyung as Hong Bok Ja / Hong Hye In ( comic book store owner)
  • Jo Se Ho (조세호) as Chul Soo (comic book store costumer/unemployed neighbor 1)
  • Nam Chang Hee (남창희) as Hyuk (comic book store costumer/unemployed neighbor 2)
  • Kim Chang Wan as Jang Young Mok ( lawyer)
  • Lee Jung Gil as Lee Bum Joong ( chairman of S&C Group)
  • Sung Byung Sook as Hong Eun Ah (58, Hwi Kyung's mother)
  • Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Shin (Jae Kyung's secretary)
  • Kim Hae In as Yang Min Joo (Jae Kyung's ex-wife)
  • Lee Il Hwa as Han Sun Young ( Se Mi's mother)
  • Oh Sang Jin as Yoo Suk (prosecutor/Se Mi's older brother)
  • Kim Kang Hyun as Yoon Bum (Song Yi / Se Mi's manager)
  • Kim Bo Mi as Min Ah (Song Yi / Se Mi's stylist)
  • Jo Hee Bong as CEO Ahn Dong Min
  • Kim Hee Won as Park Byung Hee (Detective Park)
  • Yoo Young Jin (유영진) as Assistant Manager Yoo
  • Jung Soo In as Han Yoo Sun (Han Yoo Ra's younger sister)
  • Kim Byung Choon as S&C Group worker

My Love From the Star OST Disc 1

  • 1. My Destiny LYn
  • 2. Like a Star 별처럼 K.Will
  • 3. You Who Came From the Stars 별에서 온 그대 Younha
  • 4. Goodbye 안녕 Hyo Rin
  • 5. I Love You JUST
  • 6. Tears Like Today 오늘 같은 눈물이 Huh Gak
  • 7. Every Moment of Yours 너의 모든 순간 Sung Si Kyung
  • 8. In Front of Your House 너의 집 Kim Soo Hyun
  • 9. Every Moment of Yours (Piano Ver.)
  • 너의 모든 순간 (Piano Ver.) Sung Si Kyung

My Love From the Star OST Disc 2

  • 1. Man From Star (Opening Title) Various Artists
  • 2. Back to the Present Various Artists
  • 3. Cliff Tension Various Artists
  • 4. Star Bach Comic Various Artists
  • 5. Dark Fantasy Various Artists
  • 6. Past Love Various Artists
  • 7. Star Comic Pizzicato Various Artists
  • 8. Dream Scenery I Various Artists
  • 9. Dream Scenery II Various Artists
  • 10. Mocha Comic Tension Various Artists
  • 11. Tears In Minuet Various Artists
  • 12. Missing You Various Artists
  • 13. Beethoven Revolution Various Artists
  • 14. Killing Tension I Various Artists
  • 15. Killing Tension II Various Artists
  • 16. Welcome to Earth Various Artists
  • 17. Stars Comic Tension Various Artists
  • 18. Waltz With Star Various Artists
  • 19. Stars Love Mambo Various Artists
  • 20. Space Love Various Artists
  • 21. Run Away (Ending Title) Various Artists

My Love From the Star OST Special

  • Promise 약속 Kim Soo Hyun

My Love From the Star OST - song list