Marriage Contract

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2016

Marriage Contract (Hangul: 결혼계약; RR: Gyeolhon Gyeyak) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Seo-jin and Uee. It airs on MBC on Saturdays and Sundays 22:00 for 16 episodes beginning ... wikipedia

Drama: Marriage Contract (working & literal title)
Romanization: Gyeolheun Gyeyak
Hangul: 결혼계약
Network: MBC
Release Date: March 5, 2016

Main cast

  • Lee Seo Jin as Han Ji Hoon
  • Lee Gun Ha (이건하) as young Han Ji Hoon
  • Uee as Kang Hye Soo

Marriage Contract OST Part.1

To You Again - 정동하 (Jung Dong Ha)

Marriage Contract OST Part.2

Hold on (붙잡아도) - Jisu (지수)

Track List

  • Chung Dong Ha (정동하) – To You Again title
  • Chung Dong Ha (정동하) – To You Again (Inst.)
  • Jisu (지수) – 붙잡아도
  • Jisu (지수) – 붙잡아도 (Inst.)
  • Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Amour
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Never Let You Go
  • Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Sweet Breeze
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Eunsung’s Theme
  • Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Amour pur
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Mommy
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – In Solitude
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Still with You
  • Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Song For My Family
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Desperate
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Show Off
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – First Date
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Still in Love
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – You And Me
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Little Bit of Smile
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Beautiful Life
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Love Moments
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – The Course of Life
  • Choi In Young (최인영) – Never Let Me Go
  • Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Song For Twilight
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Silverlining
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Beautiful Memories
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우) – Beautiful Days (Main Theme)
  • No Hyung Woo (노형우), Lee Tae Hyun (이태현) – Beauty and the Beast (Bonus Track) [미녀와 야수 (Bonus Track)]


  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Album: Marriage Contract OST
  • Released: April 21, 2016
  • Genre: K-pop
  • Label: RIAK

Marriage Contract OST - song list