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Year: Drama 2015

Mask (Hangul: 가면; RR: Gamyeon) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Soo Ae, Ju Ji-hoon, Yeon Jung-hoon and Yoo In-young. It aired on SBS from May 27 to July 30, 2015 on Wednesdays and ... wikipedia

Drama: Mask
Romanization: Gamyeon
Hangul: 가면
Release Date: May 27 - July 30, 2015

Main cast

  • Soo Ae as Byun Ji Sook / Seo Eun Ha 
  • Choi Ji Won as young Eun Ha
  • Joo Ji Hoon as Choi Min Woo 
  • Jun Jin Seo as young Min Woo
  • Yun Jung Hoon as Min Suk Hoon (34, Mi Yun's husband)
  • Yoo In Young as Choi Mi Yun (31, Min Woo's half-elder sister)

Mask OST Disc 1

  • 1. One Day 단 하루 LYn
  • 2. Pain 아프다 Zico (지코) of block.B and Park So Jin of Girl's Day
  • 3. One Person 한 사람 Moon Myung Jin
  • 4. As If I'm Dead 죽은 듯이 지낼게 Chancellor (챈슬러) and Vasco (바스코)
  • 5. I Hope This is a Lie 거짓말이길 바랬어 Navi
  • 6. There is No Love 사랑은 없다 Byul Ha (별하) of HeartB (하트비)
  • 7. Similar 닮은 꼴 Jung Gi Go (정기고) feat. Joo Hun (주헌) of Monsta X (몬스타엑스)
  • 8. Where? 어디에 Yoon Do Hyun (윤도현)
  • 9. I Miss You 참 그립다 Seo Eun Kwang (서은광) of BTOB (비투비) and Mi Yoo (미유)
  • 10. One Day (Inst.) 단 하루 (Inst.) LYn

Mask OST Disc 2

  • 1. Mask 가면 Various Artists
  • 2. Doppelgänger, Sad Meeting 도플갱어, 슬픈 만남 Various Artists
  • 3. A Person You Can Cry On 기대어 울 수 있는 한 사람 Various Artists
  • 4. The Poor Rich 가난한 부자 Various Artists
  • 5. Ambition 야망 Various Artists
  • 6. The Best Choice최선의 선택 Various Artists
  • 7. Under the Mask Various Artists
  • 8. Me, Behind The Mask 가면 속의 나 Various Artists
  • 9. The Target 표적 Various Artists
  • 10. Tears 눈물 Various Artists
  • 11. Symbiosis 공생 Various Artists
  • 12. Another Of My Life 또 다른 나의 삶 Various Artists
  • 13. Decision Moment 찰나의 결정 Various Artists
  • 14. Nonsense 넌센스 Various Artists
  • 15. Clumsy Couple 허당 부부 Various Artists
  • 16. Same Bed, Different Dream 동상이몽 Various Artists
  • 17. A Happy Memory 행복한 기억 Various Artists

Mask OST - song list