Oh My Ghost

(Korean drama)

Oh My Ghost picture


Year: Drama 2015

Drama: Oh My Ghost (working & literal title)
Romanization: Oh Naui Gwishinnim
Hangul: 오 나의 귀신님
Network: tvN
Release Date: July 3 - August 22, 2015

Main cast

  • Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun (chef's assistant at Sun Restaurant)
  • Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo (chef & owner at Sun Restaurant)
  • Im Joo Hwan as Choi Sung Jae (police officer, Sun Woo's brother-in-law)
  • Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae (virgin ghost, spirit no. 0825)
  • Park Jung Ah as Lee So Hyung (PD)
  • Shin Hye Sun as Kang Eun Hee (Sun Woo's younger sister, Sung Jae's wife)


  • 1. Stay Ben
  • 2. Oh My Ghost 오 나의 귀신님 Han So Hyun (한소현) and Jamie Park (제이미박)
  • 3. Leave 떠난다 Park Bo Young
  • 4. Eyes Park Jae Bum
  • 5. Leave (Harmonica Ver.) 떠난다 (Harmonica Ver.) Kwon Byung Ho (권병호)
  • 6. Oh My Ghost (Solo Ver.) 오 나의 귀신님 (Solo Ver.) Han So Hyun (한소현)
  • 7. Eyes (Inst.) Various Artists
  • 8. Oh My Ghost (Trumpet Ver.) 오 나의 귀신님 (Trumpet Ver.) Jo Jung Hyung (조정현) and Bae Jang Eun (배장은)
  • 9. Oh My Ghost Title 오 나의 귀신님 Title Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 10. Start Talking 얘기의 시작 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 11. Oh My Ghost Main Theme 오 나의 귀신님 Main Theme Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 12. Hymn of Yong-san 용산찬가 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 13. Beyond the Last Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 14. When Thinking of You 너를 생각하며 Kim Sung Yool (김성율)
  • 15. The Letter Wrote On 12 O'Clock 밤 12시에 쓰는 편지 Yoo Jong Hyun (유종현)
  • 16. Sorrowful Ghost Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 17. Die Alive 죽기 살기 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 18. Hide and Seek 술래잡기 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 19. Push and Pull 밀당 Yoo Jong Hyun (유종현)
  • 20. Family 가족 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 21. Two Faces 두 얼굴 Im Ha Young (임하영)
  • 22. The Character Left 남겨진 자 Yoo Jong Hyun (유종현)
  • 23. Romantic Omission 낭만 일탈 Yoo Jong Hyun (유종현)

Oh My Ghost OST - song list