Secret of the Heart / 天地豪情

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 1998

Secret of the Heart is a 1998 Hong Kong television drama produced by TVB that was first aired from 16 February to 10 May 1998.

Title: 天地豪情
Cantonese title: Tin Dei Hou Ching
English title: Secret of the Heart
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 1998-Feb-16 to 1998-May-09
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Opening theme song: It Still Hurts (仍然在痛) by Gallen Lo


  • Bowie Wu as Cheuk Yat Fu 卓一夫
  • Gallen Lo as Cheuk Seung Man 卓尚文 (Winson)
  • Jerry Lamb as Cheuk Seung Mou 卓尚武
  • Suet Nei as Koo Yuk Mei 顧玉媚
  • Amy Kwok as Ching Ka Ming 程家鳴
  • Kathy Chow as Ching Ka Wai 程家慧 (Mandy)
  • Sunny Chan as Ching Ka Hung 程家雄
  • Nick Cheung as Kam Leung Wang 甘量宏 (Kelvin)
  • Paul Chun as Kam Su Pui 甘樹培
  • Felix Wong as Kam Su Sang 甘樹生(Michael)
  • Jessica Hsuan as Tung Yeuk Yin 董若妍 (Kelly)
  • Ada Choi as Suen Wah 孫嬅 (Diana)
  • Eileen Yeow as Ko Nga Man 高雅雯 (Apple)
  • Andy Dai as Cheung Wai 張偉

Theme song:

  •  "仍然在痛" (Gallen Lo)
  • "說天說地說空虛" (Gallen Lo)

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