Shining Inheritance

(Korean drama)

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Year: Drama 2009

Brilliant Legacy (Hangul: 찬란한 유산; RR: Chanranhan Yusan; also known as Shining Inheritance) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won. ... wikipedia

Title: 찬란한 유산 / Chanranhan Yusan
Also known as: Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy / Beautiful Legacy
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-25 to 2009-Jul-26
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

Main cast

  • Lee Seung Ki as Sun Woo Hwan
  • Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
  • Bae Soo Bin as Park Joon Se
  • Moon Chae Won as Yoo Seung Mi

During her visit home from studying abroad, Go EunSung's father is declared dead from a gas explosion. Her stepmother takes the life insurance money and moves out with daughter, Yoo SeungMi, leaving EunSung and her autistic but musically-talented brother, EunJoo, without money or shelter. Soon after, EunJoo goes missing, leaving EunSung devastated.

The head of a food company, Jang SookJa is disappointed by her spoiled grandson and heir apparent, Sun WooHwan. After encountering EunSung, she is touched by EunSung's compassion and work-ethic. SookJa's brings EunSung to her home and announces that EunSung will become the new heir to the company. This understandably upsets Hwan, whose previous encounters with EunSung have already lead to some animosity. To further complicate matters, Hwan is SeungMi's first love and marriage target.

Shining Inheritance OST

  • 1. There's Only One of You 너 하나만 Kang Ha Ni (강하니)
  • 2. The Person Who Lives In My Heart 내 가슴에 사는 사람 Isu (이수) of M.C. the Max
  • 3. Crazy In Love 사랑에 미쳐서 Ji Sun (지선) of Loveholic
  • 4. Love is Punishment 사랑은 벌이다 K.Will
  • 5. Spring Rain Ji Hye (지혜)
  • 6. Missing Noona 그리운 누나 Various Artists
  • 7. 환이를 잡아라 Various Artists
  • 8. 우리가 가족이니? Various Artists
  • 9. Funny Life Various Artists
  • 10. 너에게 가는 길 Various Artists
  • 11. Smile Working Various Artists
  • 12. 마지막 거짓말 Various Artists
  • 13. 티격태격 Various Artists
  • 14. 이별의 기억 Various Artists
  • 15. Spring Rain (Guitar Ver.) Various Artists
  • 16. Second Time Fate 운명, 그 두 번째 이야기 Various Artists

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