SWAP 错生 (Chinese Webseries)

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 2016

Title: SWAP / 錯生
Genre: Romance, Idol Drama
Release date: August 31, 2016
Episodes: 30

Synopsis: Over the years, Owen's life has been mired in mourning his brother, in pain unable to extricate himself. Until one day, in their business Yuwen Entertainment Company when he encounters the lonely courier, Bare. Bare is not only cute, but he also resembles Owen's brother. His heart can't help but to fall in love with him, he'll keep getting over protective over Bare and do his best to make him happy. Meanwhile, Bare meets a security guard of a building who is also a loner like him, who also keeps protecting him but never stays for too long. The world is filled with billions of people, can all those hearts be filled with love instead of loneliness?

Starring:  Yang Leo as Yuwen You Tian , Yao Lucas as Guang Guang

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