(Korean drama)

Tomato picture


Year: Drama 1999

Drama: Tomato
Romanization: Domato
Hangul: 토마토
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 21, 1999 - June 10, 1999


  • Kim Hee Sun as Lee Han Yi
  • Kim Suk Hoon as Cha Seung Joon
  • Kim Ji Young as Yoon Se Ra
  • Kim Sang Jung as Cha Gi Joon (Seung Joon's cousin)

An incisive development of love and achievements in young people. A drama on the conflicts and love of two characters working in the shoe business. Ha-ni used to work at a department store but then she applies for a design certificate and becomes a shoe designer. By chance, she gets acquainted with Seung-jun, the son of the chairman at her company and subtle conflicts with her friend Sae-ra arise. Sae-ra approaches Seung-jun for her ambitions but success and love all come to Ha-ni.

Openning theme song

내게온 사랑 드라마

Ending theme song

Waiting For Love F - Lee Hyung Suk (사랑을 기다려 F - 이형석)

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