Tomorrow Boy

(Korean drama)

Tomorrow Boy picture


Year: Drama 2016

Title: 투모로우 보이 / Tomorrow Boy
Genre: Web-drama
Episodes: (To Be Announced)
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2016-March-28

The trendy coming-of-age drama talks about conflicts, love and friendship among friends who attend a same prestigious high school in Gangnam, Seoul. Ahn Tae Pyung (N) is a responsible teenage boy in charge of his family’s livelihood, who is also good looking. He never loses his hope while coping with his tough life.

Main cast

  • N as Ahn Tae-pyung
  • Kang Min-ah as Jo Ah-ra
  • Yoo Se-hyung as Kim Nam-soo
  • Moon Ji-in as Seo Sin-young

Tomorrow Boy OST

Yang.D - Do It (Feat. 허정주) / Yang.D -Do It (Feat. Heo joungjoo )

Heo JOungjoo 허정주- Oh My shine

Yang.D & 허정주 - Day By Day


Tomorrow Boy OST - song list