Witch's Castle

(Korean drama)

Witch's Castle picture


Year: Drama 2015

Title: 마녀의 성 / Manyeohui Seong / Witch's Castle
Genre: Melodrama, romance, family
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-14 to 2016-Jun-10
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


  • Choi Jung Won as Oh Dan Byul
  • Suh Ji Suk as Shin Kang Hyun
  • Yoo Ji In as Yang Ho Duk
  • Shin Dong Mi as Se Shil
  • Kim Jung Hoon as Joon Young
  • Jung Han Yong as Gong Nam Soo
  • Kim Sun Kyung as Seo Mil Rae
  • Lee Seul Bi as Seo Hyang
  • Lincoln Paul Lambert as Leo
  • Lee Hae In as Moon Hee Jae
  • Choi Il Hwa as Moon Sang Gook
  • Na Moon Hee as Chun Geum Ok
  • Jung Wook as Wang Yoo Sung
  • Danny Ahn as Baek Eun Yong
  • Kim Seung Hwan as Baek Geum Yong
  • Kim Min Hee as Hong Choon Sul
  • Jung Soo In
  • Son Hwa Ryung

Witch's Castle OST Part 1

Close My Eyes 눈감아도 Kim Yong Jin of Bohemian

Witch's Castle OST Part 2

Love Is Scary For Me 사랑이 무서운 나에게 Sung Soo Jin

Witch's Castle OST Part 3

Because It's You 그게 너라서 Ladies

Witch's Castle OST Part 4

그때로 다시 Han Hee Joon (한희준)

Witch's Castle OST Part 5

Please Accept My Heart 내 마음 받아주라 KOHD (코드)

Witch's Castle OST Part 6

If You Come Into My Heart 그대 내맘에 들어오면은 Song Ha Ye

Witch's Castle OST Part 7

Live In The Memories 기억속에 살아 Bubble Sisters (버블 씨스터즈)

Witch's Castle OST Part 8

When I Remember That Day 그날이 생각나 Fat Cat

Witch's Castle OST - song list