You Are the Apple of My Eye

(Chinese Drama)

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Year: Drama 2011

You Are the Apple of My Eye is a 2011 Taiwanese Romance film. It is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Taiwanese author Giddens Ko, who also made his directorial debut with the film.

Directed by: Giddens Ko
Produced by:  Angie Chai, Adam Tsuei
Written by: Giddens Ko
Based on The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years
by Giddens Ko
Starring: Ko Chen-tung, Michelle Chen
Music by: Sony Music Taiwan
Cinematography: Chou Yi-hsien
Production company:  Star Ritz Productions Co.
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release dates: 25 June 2011 (Taipei Film Festival)
19 August 2011 (Taiwan)
Running time: 110 minutes
Country: Taiwan
Language: Standard Chinese


  • Ko Chen-tung - Ching-Teng Ko
  • Michelle Chen - Chia-Yi Shen
  • Owodog (Ao-chuan) - Kuo-Sheng Tsao
  • Steven Hao - Ming-ho Hsieh
  • Chang-Hsien Tsai - Ying-Hung Liao
  • Sheng-yu Yen - Bo-Chun Hsu
  • Wan Wan - Chia-Wei Hu
  • Lotus Wang - Ching-Teng Ko's mother

Theme song

"Those Years" (那些年)

lyrics:Giddens Ko

singer: Hu Xia

"Childish" (孩子氣)

lyrics: Michelle Chen

singer: Michelle Chen

"The Lonely Caffeine" (寂寞的咖啡因)

lyrics: Giddens Ko

singer: Ko Chen-tung

Seeing You in the Crowd" (人海中遇見你)

lyrics: Yin Cheng-yang (rewrite)

singer: Lin Yu-chun

full soundtracks

  • 1. "Blue Dot on the Uniform" (制服上的藍點) 0:40
  • 2. "Never Turning Back" (永遠不回頭) 4:15
  • 3. "Jerking off" (打手槍) 1:04
  • 4. "Love Syndrome" (戀愛症候群) Huang Su-jun 7:23
  • 5. "That Girl's Ponytail" (女孩的馬尾) 1:13
  • 6. "The Final Spray" (最後的浪花) 1:41
  • 7. "Everybody's Own Wings" (各自的翅膀) 1:43
  • 8. "Childish" (孩子氣) Michelle Chen Michelle Chen 4:15
  • 9. "The Free-Fighting Match that is Dedicated to You" (獻給妳的格鬥賽) 2:17
  • 10. "Stupid" (笨蛋) 1:36
  • 11. "The Lonely Caffeine" (寂寞的咖啡因) Giddens Ko Ko Chen-tung 4:41
  • 12. "My Youth Without You" (沒有你的青春) 1:26
  • 13. "Seeing You in the Crowd" (人海中遇見你) Yin Cheng-yang (rewrite) Lin Yu-chun 3:54
  • 14. "Those Years" (那些年) Giddens Ko Hu Xia 6:13
  • 15. "Memories" (迴憶)

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