Better Together (하나 보단 둘) lyrics

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Better Together (하나 보단 둘)

Hello Hello Hello Hello

Hello hello, I smile but you don’t even pretend to listen
It seems like a good idea to turn around your heart since I upset you
I guess I made a mistake because I kept talking about myself
But you are also only being angry

Sometimes I get tired of having the same fight every day
But to me, I really need you

* Better together Oh Oh Oh
Better together Oh Oh Oh
You know that you need me too so just smile

Better together Oh Oh Oh
Better together Oh Oh Oh
You know well that you want me as much as I want you
So hug me, who is foolish

This same situation is always repeated
I don’t even know why I’m doing this
Everyday, I think, why are we doing this?
I only have you but you’re the only one who doesn’t know that
You say that I’m selfish
Saying that I do things however I want
But you loved me all the time just the way I do
I can’t change but I still love you, yes I do

I can’t even say sorry because of my good-for-nothing pride
I hate myself for being like this – please understand me

* Repeat

You love me and I’m the one you will return to
No matter how much you get mad, you know nothing has changed

* Repeat

Hello Hello Hello Hello (Hello)
Hello Hello Hello Hello (Hello)
Hello my man, you’re always in my heart
You know this too, I still love you a lot (x2)


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Better Together (하나 보단 둘)


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