Every Night (매일밤) lyrics

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  5. play_circle_outline Every Night
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  14. play_circle_outline Hey Boy (The Thousandth Man OST)
  15. play_circle_outline Better Together (하나 보단 둘)
  16. play_circle_outline Every Night (매일밤)
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  19. play_circle_outline Up & Down (위아래)
  20. play_circle_outline Call (전화벨)
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  24. CREAM (Chinese Ver.)
  25. 上下 (Shang Xia) / Up & Down (Chinese Ver.)


Every Night (매일밤)

With sweet words, you tell me to come out because you’re bored by yourself
But I know that you want to hug me and you want to be together today
I know this is booty call – you say you miss me whenever it becomes late at night
Those words melt me again so I take this call

Every time I Feel your love and kiss oh baby
I always think that today is the last time but it’s not that easy
Every time, just as I always did
My heart always grows weak at your phone call

* The days we spent together, the days we laughed together, I forgot them all
Why do you try to shake me up again and have my phone ringing all night?

Stop – the bell rings and I hear a familiar voice
I squint my eyes from being asleep, I get up and once again I sigh

At this time, I always should be Cinderella
Something’s gonna happen because of my lost glass slipper
Our relationship is like a steep stairway
So, I don’t know how to get down

Every time I Feel your love and kiss oh baby
Though you do this, I’m okay, I’m not sad anymore
Every time, just as I always did
It’s been long since I threw away our past love

* Repeat

The phone’s non-stop ringing changes this whole situation
I hate it so much but what can I do?
How can I forget when you’re still so clear in my eyes?
No I can’t live without you, please keep taking me and shaking me up
I can’t live without you yes i can’t live without you

* Repeat

The days we spent together (the days we spent together all this time)
The days we laughed together  (now this long phone call should be ended)
The days we passed by (the long time of our passed days)
The phone doesn’t stop ringing all night

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Every Night (매일밤)


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