Very Good (베리굿) Producer OST lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Call
  2. play_circle_outline Up & Down
  3. play_circle_outline Whoz That Girl
  4. play_circle_outline Think About
  5. play_circle_outline Every Night
  6. play_circle_outline Whoz That Girl Part 2
  7. play_circle_outline I Feel Good
  8. play_circle_outline Better Together
  9. play_circle_outline Ah Yeah
  10. play_circle_outline Hey Boy
  11. play_circle_outline Shut Up (닥쳐줘요)
  12. play_circle_outline With Out U
  13. play_circle_outline Shouldn’t Have Treated You Well (잘해주지 말걸 그랬어)
  14. play_circle_outline Hey Boy (The Thousandth Man OST)
  15. play_circle_outline Better Together (하나 보단 둘)
  16. play_circle_outline Every Night (매일밤)
  17. play_circle_outline Pat Pat (토닥토닥)
  18. play_circle_outline 1M
  19. play_circle_outline Up & Down (위아래)
  20. play_circle_outline Call (전화벨)
  21. play_circle_outline Very Good (베리굿) Producer OST
  22. play_circle_outline Dangerous (아슬해)
  23. play_circle_outline I Do
  24. CREAM (Chinese Ver.)
  25. 上下 (Shang Xia) / Up & Down (Chinese Ver.)


Very Good (베리굿) Producer OST

One two three, turn around
I’m right behind you
Don’t hesitate

In the time of only us two
All day, it takes us
Starting from now

My sunny romance
You gently came to me
With a heart fluttering love
If it’s you, very good

One two three, when I call out to you
I hear an echo called love
Now shout out

My sunny romance
You gently came to me
With a heart fluttering love
If it’s you, very good

We’re slowly becoming more like each other
Our love is growing bigger
So everyone is jealous

Love, I only need you
I won’t change
Like watercolors
I’ve become colored by you

Our sunny romance
Forever like this
Every day, us two
Let’s be together, very good

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Very Good (베리굿) Producer OST


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