Excitement (설레임) lyrics

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  17. play_circle_outline Excitement (설레임)
  18. play_circle_outline Again (자꾸만)
  19. play_circle_outline What Are You Doing Today (오늘 뭐해?)
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  28. play_circle_outline Officially Missing You (Hello Venus Our Story)

Hello Venus

Excitement (설레임)

I close my eyes but only your face pops up in my mind
I block my ears but it feels like I heard your voice
Each day passes mindlessly with thoughts of you
I think I am lovesick over you

Just by slightly passing by, you make my heart tremble
Each time you breathe, my love increases
The whole world is filled with you
I am such a fool

* I love you, do you know?
These are words that my heart says several times a day
Do you know how I can’t confess this to you?
I worry that you’ll break if I take a step toward you
So I stand still – do you know?

I start my day as I draw you out in my mind
Even when I sleep, I only think of you alone
Is this love? Do you know how I feel?
Again today, I talk to myself

* Repeat

Again today, these are the words I push back
The words that my heart say
I love you

* Repeat

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Excitement (설레임)
Hello Venus


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