Peach (복숭아) lyrics

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  22. play_circle_outline Peach (복숭아)
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  38. play_circle_outline Flower (꽃)
  39. play_circle_outline 50cm / Between The Lips (입술 사이)
  40. play_circle_outline You And I (너랑 나)


Peach (복숭아)

My eyes keep going to that white face
Why don’t I even get sick of you?

When you slightly smile at me, I really go crazy
How can you be so pretty baby?

How can I explain this feeling?
When I see you, my heart becomes numb and sore

* Oh, with what word can I explain you?
All the words of the world is probably not enough
With those legs that are so pretty by just standing still
You walk toward me and you hug me

You know he’s so beautiful
Maybe you will never know
I want to hide you in my embrace
And only I want to look at you

I’m not saying this out of a young heart
But I really want to marry you

* Repeat

Telling you multiple times is not enough
With this tickling voice that only knows you
I will sing for you

My heart keeps going to you
I’m really going crazy

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Peach (복숭아)


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