Healing For Myself (나만의 위로) lyrics

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Jaejoong (JYJ)

Healing For Myself (나만의 위로)

The ring I bought for you has lost its partner
So it remains on my finger and sadness cries again
It would be good if it rained so it would hide my tears
I cry, cry and cry again

The sad song that flows in my ear
It makes my collapsed heart come to a stop
The soul of love that hasn’t left keeps holding onto me
I cry, cry and cry again

* Love, love, the love that left me
Love, love, it lives in my memories
You are already part of my soul
How can I live without you?

Without thinking about it, I ordered a cup of coffee for you too
It cools down and gets cold like you but unlike my heart
I try to fit in the puzzle that has already gone askew
I cry, cry and cry again

* Repeat

Oh my love, where are you?
Oh my love forever

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Healing For Myself (나만의 위로)
Jaejoong (JYJ)


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